If We’re Going To deport Immigrants, START WITH ME! – NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (Video)


The dim-witted governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, whined one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard about deporting illegal aliens, The Right Scoop reports.

Watch below:

I absolutely agree with him – let’s deport Andrew Cuomo and toss out his worthless brother Chris Cuomo too. It’s absolutely idiotic to conflate illegal immigrants with legal immigrants, but it takes an idiot like Andrew Cuomo to do so.

Also, why didn’t this idiot realize before that we deport illegals? We do it all the time, and have done it for decades. But NOW he’s morally incensed over it? Who made this dumb joke and then named it Andrew Cuomo?

I will never let this clown forget that he literally said that conservatives need to leave New York because our values aren’t welcome – and now here he is encouraging all illegal immigrants. What a scumbag.

Photo:  Bing


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