Eric Bolling’s Accuser Deletes Tweets Celebrating His Firing After Son’s Death


Former Fox News contributor Eric Bolling’s accuser, Caroline Heldman, appeared to be purging her Twitter account on Friday of tweets gloating about getting Bolling fired. And for good reason, she did not just ruin his life – for all intense purposes – she ruined his young son’s life as well.

Eric Bolling, who was fired on Friday, lost his son that same nigh, possibly of an overdose, TMZ reports:

Well placed FNC sources tell TMZ …  Eric Chase died from a drug overdose. We’re told he was having a hard time dealing with the trouble his dad was having at the network. Our sources say he was extremely embarrassed by the stories and was “emotionally upset.”


His dad and FNC parted company after the co-host of “The Five” allegedly sent lewd text messages to co-workers along with photos of his genitals.

It’s not enough she got him fired over alleged sexual harassment charges, she publicly mocked him.

PJ Media reports:

Heldman fancies herself as some kind of heroine, taking down men who may have asked her out, complimented her beauty, or told a dirty joke in her presence. Included in her headcount was Fox News titan Bill O’Reilly.

“Our truth” or “my truth” is one of the most troubling modern phrases. If “my truth” is different than “your truth,” then one of us is lying. Eric Bolling was Heldman’s most recent kill. She is represented by the odious spawn of Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom. Bloom’s credentials include standing next to Kathy Griffin blubbering through a press conference and encouraging multitudinous women to come forward with dicey stories of sexual harassment against famous men.

Heldman’s accusations about Bolling weren’t exactly hair raising. She claimed he asked her out to dinner, invited her to see some sports jerseys, called her pretty on the air, had funny nicknames for her, disagreed with her, and told a joke about sex in front of her.

For real. This is the level of “harassment” that causes a man to lose his job and everything he holds dear these days. With apparently no awareness of how a man’s family might view his very public fall from grace, Heldman decided to gloat about her “victory” for all to see.

Heldman claims that Bolling gave her a tour of his office and told her it was his favorite place to have sex.

When asked why it took her YEARS to come out with this claim, she blamed #sexism.

Truthfeed reports that Heldman claims the GOP is sacrificing country, democracy and party to pass “draconian policies.”

Some interesting facts have come to light about Ms. Heldman, turns out she is a very active Anti-Trump activist as her tweets show. She attended the women’s march where she held a sign that says “good people don’t vote for rapists.”

Heldman is very close to feminist lawyers Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom.

Truthfeed reported that a video has emerged from Eric Bolling’s “sexual harassment” incident with his accuser Caroline Heldman.

One of his Heldman’s claims was that Bolling called her “Dr. McHottie.”

This is true and you can see in the video below Bolling does indeed jokingly calls her this on air – in public – not in private as she intimated.

Keep gloating about getting Eric Bolling fired Caroline and know that because of YOUR ACTIONS, Eric Chase is dead.

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