Eric Holder: Republicans will cheat so Trump wins in 2020 (Video)


During an interview with “The Breakfast Club” morning radio show on Monday, former Attorney General Eric Holder stated that “Republicans are going to cheat” their way to electoral victory in 2020.

That being said, Holder is “convinced” that Democrats will win in 2020, and that he will work to make sure they do.

Host Charlamagne tha God challenged Holder who responded that Democrats must be prepared for a tough fight against cheating Republicans.

“The reality is that Republicans are going to cheat,” Holder said, “They’re going to try to keep people away from the polls, they’re going to move polling places, they’re going to do a whole variety of things.”

According to guys like Eric Holder, “cheating” is when a Republican wins just because a Democrat is running.

Holder also speculated that President Trump might refuse to leave the White House if defeated, suggesting that he may attempt to pardon himself if charged with a crime. “Will he pardon all the people in his administration, will he pardon himself?” Holder said. “That’s something I wouldn’t take off the table.”

“I thought to myself, ‘that’s ridiculous.’ But as I’ve thought about it, this guy with all the norms he breaks through—I think he loses, and then it will be interesting between, say, November and January when he would have to start packing,” Holder said.

It’s obvious that Holder is setting the stage to accuse the Republicans of cheating if – when – they lose the 2020 election to President Trump.