Eric Holder Sends Threatening Letter To All Public Schools


Eric Holder’s Justice Department, along with the Department of Education is reminding public schools in no uncertain terms, that they are obligated to provide all children with an education regardless of their immigration status; meaning the schools are to look away when illegals register, regardless if they have ID, birth certificate, or citizenship; how about required vaccines, do they need those or shall we look away from that too Mr. Holder.


In an attempt to clarify existing guidelines, the federal government sent a letter to schools indicating the agencies are “aware of student enrollment practices that may chill or discourage the participation, or lead to the exclusion, of students.”

The letter highlights how loose the restrictions are regarding what type of documentation schools are required to accept, essentially meaning there is no excuse for questioning why a child obviously in the country illegally is receiving taxpayer-funded schooling and/or child care.

“We want to be sure every school leader understand the legal requirements under the Constitution and federal laws,” the letter states, “and it is our hope that this update will address some of the misperceptions out there.”

There is no mention of the government’s responsibility to provide free education to criminal illegals within the structure of the U.S. Constitution. In any case, the letter goes on to spell out requirements in no uncertain terms.

“The message here is clear,” it read, “let all children who live in your district enroll in your public schools.”

The leftist leaders are determined to assimilate illegals completely into society to the extent that actually holding them accountable for their crimes would not only be nearly impossible, but in itself an illegality. Nothing like ensuring the next generation of criminals is indoctrinated within the public school system is one vital step in achieving that goal.





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