Ex-Boy Scout: ‘I Killed My Former Troop Leader Because He Raped Me’ [Video]

Ex-Boy Scout: ‘I Killed My Former Troop Leader Because He Raped Me’ [Video]

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Detailed account of a former Boy Scout who confessed in an emotionally charged court testimony to killing his former troop leader. He said it was due to the repeated sexual abuse and rape he suffered at the hands of the man, beginning at the young age of 8.


WND reported:

“From the time I was 8 years old until I was 12, I was sexually assaulted and raped by Dennis Pegg,” said Clark Fredericks, a former scout who spoke in a tense Newton, New Jersey, courtroom about the reasons for his killing.

Pegg also served as a Sussex sheriff’s officer, NBC New York reported. He was killed three years ago and Fredericks admitted to the crime.

Fredericks said he kept silent about the rapes, despite the fact his best friend, Jeff, was also one of Pegg’s victims. Fredericks said that Jeff committed suicide in 1983.

“Dennis Pegg controlled me by torturing and killing animals in front of me, saying he would do the same to me if I told anyone about our secret,” Fredericks said.

It was while watching the rape and sexual abuse trial of Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky in 2012 that Fredericks said he “cracked,” NBC New York reported.

He told the court the next day he drank alcohol, snorted cocaine and grabbed a hunting knife Pegg had given him as a gift in the Boy Scouts, and headed with a friend, Bob Reynolds, to Pegg’s home.

“I started stabbing Dennis,” Fredericks said. “I said, ‘How does it feel raping little kids now. It’s not so fun raping little kids now, is it?’ At the end, I slit his throat.”

The courtroom broke into applause after Fredericks finished testifying, shocking the prosecutor, NBC New York reported.

Meanwhile, family and friends in the courtroom in support of Fredericks said others had reported Pegg as an abuser years ago, but the charges never stuck.

Prosecutor Francis Koch said his office has agreed to a sentence of five-to-ten years because of the aggravating details of the crime.

“Passion provocation could not be disproved beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said, the media outlet reported.


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