Experts Make Shocking Admission About ‘Long’ War


The experts admit it’s going to be a long war. Since we first got hit with the 2019-nCoV “surprise attack” in December, exponential spread of the strange new virus forced Americans to “hunker down” in their homes. That’s the only way to “flatten the curve” of infection case numbers. After “several more weeks” of life in the bunker, we can look forward to at least an “18-month project,” designing treatments and a vaccine. Even after we finally get a firm grip on the COVID-19 epidemic, things will never be the same.

Experts admit we’re in for a long war

We are at war against a lab engineered bioweapon but we aren’t in a “biowar.” At least nobody is saying that yet. For now, it appears to have been more of a deep state industrial accident. China has done some preemptive finger pointing at the U.S., which, most diplomatic experts agree, is because they know they are eventually going to be accused.

It looks suspiciously like China is responsible for the designer genes, created through the aid of stolen U.S. technology. That whole issue is something that’s being shelved for later. Top priority is stopping the exponential spread. That’s why everyone is being advised to stay home whether it’s mandatory or not.

President Donald Trump has been hammered by the globalist media for refusing to order a mandatory nationwide lockdown. They try to link it with his concern for the economy, but the truth is that he’s doing exactly what his deplorable supporters expected. President Trump is standing up for the rights of the individual states. He’s also insisting that the states take their share of responsibility too. That’s what has all the liberals so angry.

President Trump is not Big Brother

President Trump made it clear, he does not want to lock everyone in America down unnecessarily. What he does want to see is Americans acting like responsible adults and doing it on their own. If individual states, counties, cities, towns or villages need to make independent decisions to take drastic measures, the federal government is here to help them any way possible.

Liberals expect the nanny-state to make all the decisions for them, give them everything they need to survive and basically tell them how to think. Conservatives are the exact opposite. The right-wing approach is for the federal government to stay out of the way and let the individuals call the shots. Along with freedom comes responsibility. People must insist on doing the right thing, not because their government orders it, but because it’s right.

A wave of attacks

Health experts are suggesting that the most severe initial impacts may fade by late spring. In order for the strategy of social distancing to work and “flatten the curve,” families will be captive in their three bedroom bunkers for “several more weeks.” Expect that to have an effect on morale. “Fatigue will be the biggest enemy in the fight ahead,” writes Clara Ferreira Marques. Sooner or later, “people tire eventually and let their guard down. That could make a second wave of the pandemic worse.” That’s why “people may need to hunker down again and again.”

According to Marc Lipsitch and Richard Danzig, “Social distancing is only the first response” to the “surprise attack.” Now, they assert, “we must settle in for the long war, which will include finding treatments and a vaccine, bolstering our health system and protecting vital services against widespread illness.” They say, “expect an 18-month project.”

What the experts are seeing in China and other Asian countries suggests, “a third phase of the response,” episodic outbreaks. “The revised approach also recognizes that this is going to be a long war, and that we need to address the extensive risks to societal continuity, including health care for people with ongoing medical needs such as hypertension and diabetes, and the vulnerability of the supply chain for medicines and supplies.”

Life will never be the same

Another thing the experts are suggesting is that we all need to adapt to the new normal. “The COVID-19 pandemic will change our world forever. Until it is controlled, we will all need to change how we wash our hands, cover our coughs, greet others and how close we come to others.”

Assuming a vaccine is found, a fourth phase of global elimination will occur. It will either “end the pandemic or, if not, force us to adapt to the continuing threat for the indefinite future.” There is no doubt, “We face weeks and months of fear and tragedy.” That is exactly why “Leaders at every level must be frank that this is frightening, unprecedented and irrevocably changes how we provide care and prepare for the future.”

Another thing that it’s vitally important for everyone to understand, “we are all in this together. Not only all in the United States, but all of us globally.” Everyone on the planet has the same enemy so it’s time to work together and beat it.

Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine offers some excellent advice. “Here is the truth: With or without a test, the virus is here. It lives among us. We must be at war with it. This enemy is dangerous, it is relentless, and it is using us as its host.”

We’re smarter than any virus. We “have it within our ability to fight back. When you stop moving, when I stop moving, it stops moving.” We win. “Every one of us is in this fight,” DeWine insists. “We don’t need to go into the battlefield, we simply need to stay home.”


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