Facebook Deletes 1,900 Pages With Content Deemed ‘Offensive to Islam’


Facebook is bowing to Islam because of an authoritarian threat from Turkey. Everywhere Islam has its hands, sooner or later freedom is gone, and if not, then immediately peace is gone.

If Facebook would be banned in the Islamic world (to which we can also count Turkey), then that would definitely have palpable effects on the “operating funds.” 

Last year, Turkey temporarily blocked access to Twitter and YouTube. It happened easily: all that was needed was a court decision in Ankara in order to block Facebook pages that insulted the prophet Mohammed.


A Turkish court has ordered authorities to block access to Facebook pages that ‘insult’ the Prophet Mohammed and warned the whole site will be banned if the company doesn’t comply.

The country’s state-run news agency confirmed that a court in Ankara issued the order yesterday, following a request by a prosecutor.


The decision comes just days after another court ruling banned access in Turkey to web pages featuring the controversial cover of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Mark Zuckerberg, in connection with the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo editorial staff, said that his business wouldn’t censor content, and that Facebook would not let itself be dictated “by a group of people” as to what people may share worldwide.

According to statistics published by Facebook, 1,893 pages were completely deleted at the request of the Turkish government, Dailymail reports. Upon inquiry, Facebook then admitted they had “cooperated.” Likewise in Pakistan’s case where Facebook bowed to the pressure of the islamic dictatorship and blocked certain pages for Pakistan.

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Pictures courtesy of Dailymail.com


  1. What else to expect from the juvenile delinquents who are the management at facebook! I will never understand how people who profited so handsomely from the concept of free speech and open discussions can bow to the will of tyrannical dictators running stone age backwards countries. That facebook founder would never have gotten off the ground with his facebook project in any country run by islamofascist dictators. Perhaps that’s why he didn’t move to Turkey to start facebook!

    • It’s real fu*king easy to say shit like this when you’re not the one who’s the face of the company. Agree with it or not, you’re not – nor will you ever be – in charge of a decision like this that affects the security of literally hundreds/thousands of employees.

      Fu*k off idiot.

      • What about when they demand all women be banned from FB on threat of bombings? Maybe we compromise and just ban women from posting pictures on their pages? Sounds good right? Gotta keep them ad clicks coming in.

      • ” that affects the security of literally hundreds/thousands of employees.”

        You just admit, right there that it’s a security issue.
        Caving in to nazi/islam fascism is never the right choice so FUCK YOU, my man…

  2. i am being harrassed right now on facebook.. they are taking me out for making harmless cartoons…go to my page.. Amy White.. i have on red white and blue boots as a profile picture… and LOOK at what they are attacking me for.

    • I agree with you Amy, FB harasses people for ridiculous things and they hand out timeouts as if we were children. I got a timeout last year for a JFK picture with one of his famous quotes on it. People report out of spit, and regardless of the post, if several report it, you get a ban.

  3. the problem here is, Facebook is not officially the “media”… rather, it’s a private business first and social “media” second.

    i guess with the internet representing a new format in the media world, it’s hard to actually classify it as such. thus, that’s probably to what Zuckerberg was initially referring — “we aren’t going to remove information which is disturbing to a small group of people, only.”

    But, unfortunately of the 7 billion people on earth, 1 billion are Muslim, thus 1/7 of the world is Muslim and it is the “fastest growing religion in the world”. Thus, the Muslims may be dictating more to “us” than we are to “them”.

    Further, it appears that FB “needs” the money to keep investors happy, thus M. Zuckerberg’s hands are somewhat “tied” on this issue.

    He must allow the requests of the Islamic nations (i.e. Zuckerberg must honor the Ankara, Turkey judge’s decision to let them block FB {if he doesn’t remove the Muslim’s “prophet-slandering” messages}, because it’s their national law and he has NO control over it).

    Therefore, Turkey, and the Muslims there have forced M. Zuckerberg’s hand to remove the messages… thus, the re-activation of FB in Turkey (and likely many other middle eastern countries) means more people making clicks on ad’s and Zuckerberg’s company, FB making more money (since each “ad click” generates a certain sum of money).

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama had something to do with this, because M. Zuckerberg and B. Obama (B.O.) are close. B.O. may have requested it or even demanded it. Zuckerberg’s company may even be a crony corporation of the government and receiving $$$ money.

    [Aside]: Of course, we all know that with the incredible transparency of the government *sarcasm*, we will ALL be able to look up the tax returns of ALL the companies which have any connection with the U.S. federal government and the taxpayer$ money, right? *sarcasm* Wrong. It ain’t happening. WE THE PEOPLE of the USA will never see what the connection is between M.Zuckerberg’s (M.Z.’s) FB company or W.Buffet’s (W.B.’s) Berkshire / Hathaway company and Obama’s government.

    And that is why WE THE PEOPLE must take back this country. We must rally to get Millions MORE registered to vote within conservative Parties BEFORE the next presidential election by 2016.

    To not get a Republican into power then could be disastrous for the normal way of life for ALL Americans, let alone what we all consider the “High Life” in America. Pray to God we conservatives pull everything together by then…. and there’s NO Lois Lerner in power at the IRS (because surely her interfering with those 100+ conservative non-profit application forms meant Not Only did none of those groups get Non-Profit status, BUT ALSO it limited the ability of those groups to function properly. Coincidentally, most of those non-profit groups were politically-related and so probably less money got donated to the candidates which truly needed it.

    [Main]: But, to get back on point, i do believe that sometime in the future, especially if BO is still in office, M.Z.’s company will get classified as a “pure” media company rather than primarily as a “social” site. Then, Obama’s FCC can take over to regulate MZ’s FB company in such a way that he will never be permitted to allow another “slandering” message to appear again on his site.

  5. Why don’twe all just bow down to islam and start screwing donkeys like they do so we too can go to meet Allah (Satan-Lucifer). I want my 27 virgins like the rest. SCREW THIS SHIT. SCREW ISLAM. THEY SUCK. QUIT BOWING TO THEM AND GROW A PAIR OF BALLS. MARK ZUKKERBUGGER IS A SUCK ASS ALSO. MUSLIM LOVING PIG.

  6. As an atheist, christian and islamic pages are offensive to me. Facebook please delete them.

    I am so offended. Facebook. Please. Delete. Them 🙁

  7. How about Facebook just includes a policy to remove all religious bullshit from its pages. Then some other college kid can go and start “Facebook for Religious Zealots Who Feel A Need to Bitch About Irrelevant Religious Shit Online” and get rich.

    I have no Problem with Religious People (Many Religious Friends) But I have a Problem With Religion Itself! (The Puppeteers) I’m Not a Fan Of any religion, However Islam seems to be exempt from criticism to the Degree it claims it is a Race, where in Fact it is a fukking cult made up of Many Races, Races That are made up of Many Religions, Every Other Religion Takes Criticism, Every Football Team or Film Maker, actor , Sports hero or any Organization Takes criticism, Why Is Islam the Protected Species??
    I haven’t heard of Christanaphobia or Satanphobia but we have Islamaphobia??

      • I don’t know if they are still active or not..but there were several jihadi islamist pages on FB.. where if I used certain Keywords my post would show up in the aforementioned pages…thus they easily report to “Community Standards” which has NO Jury no self defense, etc .. so as it sits.. raghead can get up to a week in FACEBOOK JAIL.. as some limpwristed towel for brains can’t take the TRUTH!!

        • I remember that page and yes, most of my posts showed up there. Last year I received (4) four 30 day timeouts aka FB jail and several 7 day timeouts so I decided to curtail what I posted in terms of what would be construed as ‘offensive to the MuzRats’ because what good am I when I can’t post to my pages. I don’t agree with what FB does, but truth be told, this is their house, and they make the rules.

  9. I think the poosies are the ones who are deathly afraid of a bitstrip cartoon. Whomever up there said facebook isn’t the media is correct.. They don’t have to respect freedom of speech. What they are violating is more along the lines of a business discriminating against people because of their beliefs.. Civil rights stuff. The point of it all is this… Christian facebook pages at the most will be an overload of prayer circles and flowery memes with bible verses. Muslim pages are bloody children and dead soldiers. They also for the most part don’t actively troll looking for a fight or something to be offended by. I’ve been saying to atheists for a few days that they need to realize living in a Christian nation isn’t so bad. At the worst the majority of people the worst thing will happen is you get invited to a potluck or have a Jehovah’s witness knock during your shower. I know there are bad people who claim Christianity, but overall the worst they will do you usually is say something pompous and self righteous and hurt your feelings. Now Muslims, they are offended to the point of lawsuits and mass murders by pretty much everything that makes up the very fiber of this country, and the day to culture we live in…. They hate: dogs, pork, selfies, statues, photos, artwork, pretty buildings, laughing in a church, and especially women who: drive, cuss, wear makeup, show their hair, wear pretty clothes, or are independent in any sort of way. They marry and have sex with children. They wipe their asses with their bare hands… They in no way shape or form fit into the American laws or way of life. They make no secret about the fact that they intend to take over america and lie to get stupid people to trust them. It’s in all of their literature and they scream it from the pulpits daily. I pick fights with them constantly online and EVERY SINGLE ONE without fail when you make them lose their temper spout word for word the same things as ISIS. I don’t care if you don’t believe in God, if you are zionist, theist, atheist, Wiccan, Scientologist or nudist. A Muslim puts you in the same boat as me… An infidel who doesn’t deserve to live. Whether you like it or not, you are on the same side of the Christians in this mess because Muslims go against the very moral fiber and shared beliefs of all people inter basic rights and wrongs of humanity. Think about this.. religions look beautiful and holy on paper… About 99% of the time in ALL religions the problems that arise are due to the adding of human nature to the equation… All religions SOUND nice.. Except Islam. They have to lie about the very foundation of their beliefs to even appear halfway civilized. Another thing. One percent of america is Muslim. Something like 70 or 80 percent of Americans claim some form of christianity. Before now, pretty much the only religion you ran across at a public school was a Christmas party or a short prayer before a ball game. Now kids are visiting mosques and the world history exam on common core has ten Islamic questions to every one of everyone else combined. How does that population ratio even begin to figure in to how much we are getting them shoved in our faces?

  10. I believe that Islam is the Anti Christ. I have heard many Muslims state that we will either Choose Islam or lose or life. . This combined with the mystery of how people all over the world seem to overlook the evil perpetrated by Islam and see it as a “religion of peace” just leaves me unequivocally perplexed. We are told that even the very elect might be fooled. The task will fall on us to defend our nation and tondo since must defend our Right to Bear Arms!


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