Father Of Son Murdered by Illegal: Pro-Amnesty Kasich And Rubio Should Be ‘Tried For ‘TREASON’

Father Of Son Murdered by Illegal: Pro-Amnesty Kasich And Rubio Should Be ‘Tried For ‘TREASON’

“How much of this do we have to take?” Dan Golvach, whose son was murdered by an illegal asked about the Republican Party’s longstanding refusal to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.


Golvach’s 25-year-old son Spencer was stopped at a traffic light when an illegal alien pulled up next to him and shot him in the head. He explains that the the reason he now backs Donald Trump for President is because of holidays spent at the cemetery, and the image of his “child’s deflated head in a casket” burned into his mind.

Here’s the background reported by House Press: In the early morning hours of January 31, 2015, Spencer Golvach was sitting in his car at a Spring Branch stoplight after he’d just dropped off his girlfriend. Witnesses say a man in a pickup truck pulled up beside Golvach, and without saying anything, shot the 25-year-old musician in the head.

Authorities believe that Victor Rodriguez Reyes, then shot into another car a short while later, killing 28-year-old Juan Garcia. A Harris County Sheriff’s deputy in the area responded to the shots and chased Reyes to a dead end. A Sheriff’s spokesman told KPRC that Reyes exited the truck with his gun in his hand and did not comply with the deputy’s command to drop it. So, fearing for his own safety, the deputy shot at Reyes once, killing him.

“Losing a child,” Golvach explains, is something one never really gets “acclimated to. I can tell you that it’s a very dark place of despair.”

And your life is ruined. [Golvach pauses] It’s just ruined. Trust me. Everything is damaged. Nothing has the same meaning anymore. There is no real joy in life. You just go through the motions because you’re not suicidal, and you just do things, but your life will never be particularly joyous again … Once this happens you’re going to have a very marginalized life at best. And thank you, United States government. I thought their first mandate was to protect us, but they’re just protecting their donors— and it’s treason.

Breitbart reported that Golvach felt that picking Trump was a simple choice—as all of the other candidates seem beholden to their pro-amnesty donors. “These GOP establishment leaders like Rubio,” Golvach explains, don’t want to “shackle their donors down to their pesky little immigration laws that were designed to keep us safe … [but which] would compromise their [donors’] cheap labor pool.”

These donors, Golvach explains, “think that it’s an archaic idea to have to have borders—it’s from a bygone era to them.”

Sen. Marco Rubio’s history of pushing to open America’s borders, Golvach explains, is nothing short of “treason.”

Rubio and pro-amnesty politicians ought to “be brought up on charges for what they’ve done… and they should be punished for it,” he said.

A Texas resident and constituent of Sen. Ted Cruz, Golvach similarly laments that Cruz does not seem “really all that interested in protecting us from illegal aliens.”

“[Gov.] John Kasich is the most traitorous of the bunch. What he’s proposing will end America,” Golvach says of Kasich’s desire to enact amnesty within his first 100 days in office.

“John Kasich is the poster-boy puppet for [his donors]. He couldn’t care less about what negative effect it [amnesty] would have on American workers, what negative effect it would have on American families. There would be no more America—he would finish us off. It’s just treason… I can’t stand him. And I guarantee you, find any other families of dead kids—a father of a dead kid like me—and they’d agree.

“I still have nightmares,” Golvach says, taking a long pause to regain his voice. “When you have to go look at your child’s deflated head in a casket, it never gets—it never gets out of your mind. And then you look at people like Marco Rubio talking up there, talking this nonsense [about immigration], your blood starts to boil, it really does.”

“I’ve supported the Republican Party my whole life,” Golvach said, elaborating on his indictment of the Republican Party. “Texas is a Republican state and I can guarantee you that none of the Republicans in Texas— in spite of what they say— are really interested. I don’t believe Ted Cruz is really all that interested in protecting us from illegal aliens.”

“I think that Ted Cruz is ambiguous on this. Frankly some of his wife’s associations have been a bit bothersome to me,” Golvach adds.

“I don’t understand Ted Cruz—he wants to increase the H-1B [guest-worker visa program]. Why? We’ve got 95 million people out of work—that’s the mantra that you hear on conservative radio everyday—“ Golvach cuts himself off. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I get kind of riled up I guess about this.”

Clearly well-informed on policy and candidates’ positions on various issues—Golvach continues, highlighting Heidi Cruz’s former role on the Council on Foreign Relations—pointing specifically to her having served on the task force which crafted a report entitled, “Building a North American Community.”

“That doesn’t sound very closed-borders to me,” Golvach says referring to her report, “And I think again those are people that have decided that sovereignty and borders are an archaic idea. And that most Americans don’t think that. These politicians—they can act and talk really tough on the border. [But] what I’ve seen though on the state level—and I’m sure it’s a microcosm of what happens on the big level— is there is a coordinated effort to play hot potato, but nobody really wants to do anything about this because the donor class isn’t going to allow it.”

When asked if he had a message for voters in upcoming Republican primary elections such as those in Ohio or Florida, Golvach said:

“If you really want to know the truth about a politician, you need to look at his donors. Don’t listen to their rhetoric because they lie on cue. Look at their donors and look at their votes. That will tell you pretty much what you need to know. If you have a Republican that’s being backed by Sheldon Adelson or someone like that… they can pass all of the immigration legislation they want, I can assure you they are not going to really address this problem because their owners aren’t going to allow them to and it’s as simple as that because we are a plutocracy.”

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