FBI Closing In On Hillary Clinton: Inner Circle Lawyers-Up (Video)

Hillary Clinton

Former New York Times Magazine editor-in-chief Ed Klein says for the first time, Hillary Clinton’s closest advisers have been contacted by the FBI regarding the investigation into the Democratic presidential front runner’s ongoing email scandal.


The Patriot Crier reported that Klein appeared on Newsmax Tuesday night and said that Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan have all been contacted — the “inner, inner circle of Hillary” — and told them “they are going to be interviewed by the FBI about these emails.”

According to Klein, “each one of them has lawyered up and has decided to distance themselves from Hillary’s campaign so that their problems will not spill over into her campaign.”

Huma Abedin is Clinton’s deputy campaign manager and Hillary is rarely seen without Huma close by her side.
“This may be one of the biggest stories about the emails so far,” Klein told “Newsmax Prime” host JD Hayworth.
“Are any of them willing to take on criminal blame to try and keep Hillary and political consequences at a distance?” Hayworth asked.“Hard to say,” Klein responded.
At Newsmax, Klein says after a six month investigation by more than 100 investigators, the FBI has settled on the trio for further scrutiny.

“It may not be long before the FBI asks Hillary to testify under oath,” according to Klein

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