FBI Is Coming For Hillary, Judge Explains NEW Info: Will “SHAKE The American Political System” (Video)


On the edge of what could amount to Hillary Clinton being the Democratic presidential nominee, Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department staffer who setup Clinton’s private email server, and was granted immunity as part of a criminal investigation into the possible mishandling of classified information, is working with the Department of Justice.


Fox News’ resident Judge, Andrew Napolitano reacted to last night’s news that Bryan Pagliano, the aide who setup the server, is working with the DOJ.

“This is enough to shake the American political system to its foundation.”

Fox News’ resident Judge, Andrew Napolitano said, “This is enough to shake the American political system to its foundation.”

Inforwars added that Napolitano explained Pagliano’s immunity indicates that the DOJ has probably already convened a Grand Jury.

This means that the FBI feels it has enough evidence to indict Clinton and begin a criminal trial.

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  1. Americans, us real Americans have been hearing, reading about this crap for the last years! The blatant criminal is a Clinton. She sees herself above any and all American laws. So, screw America and its Americans. A Clinton does not answer to any laws that a real American must recognize. Now, let us make something and really change. Instead of doing mental masturbation.

  2. There will still be killory supporters even if she gets indicted. Hopefuly most will know that people were right about her lies and guilt. Can’t wait for May and an arrest.

  3. I read somewhere HIllary WOULD NOT give the permission for aircraft to cross over the border into benghazi to aid the soldiers and the ambassador, and that the FBI found in Hillarys emails information on not only WHERE ambassador stevens would be on the day he was slaughtered but HOW to do it, BY, AS I remember, Hillary HERSELF.!! iS SHE POSSESSED BY EVIL OR NOT???

  4. If this man has seriously incriminating evidence and will testify against her, they had damn well better have him in protective custody. He may end up getting killed in a hit and run scenario or a “suicide” by a bullet to the back of the head.


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