‘F*CK You Ben Carson!’ Backlash Explodes Against ‘Racist’ Seth Rogen


On the eve of the release of Universal’s “Steve Jobs,” star Seth Rogen shot off a hate-tweet at black Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson that read, “Fuck you @realBenCarson.” In another tweet, Rogen, a devout Hillary Clinton supporter, expressed his anger over comments Carson made about gun control and Nazi Germany.


John Nolte, Breitbart reports:

Carson said the Jews might have had a better chance at resisting the Nazi regime had they not been disarmed by that regime in advance. Rogen, who is Jewish, and much of the national media are horrified over the idea of Jews with guns fighting Nazis, something Jews did frequently throughout WWII with scrounged guns.



Whether it is kids in classrooms or Jews in Nazi Germany, Carson proved this week that if you want to enrage a Leftist, suggest that they might have been better off had they been in a position to fight back.


The social media backlash against both Rogen and his upcoming film was immediate, and some 12 hours later, even though it is very early in the morning, is still intense.

A search of tweets containing only Seth Rogen’s names finds that almost all of them are critical of the comedian’s attack on Carson, many accusing Rogen of outright racism. The venomous, dehumanizing  attacks black conservatives face from leftists like Rogen have been well-documented going back to Clarence Thomas.



Some are calling for a boycott of Rogen’s movies, which has to be troubling for Universal. Between promotion and the production, the studio probably has $70 to $80 million invested in “Steve Jobs.” The high-profile biopic is also the studio’s big Oscar entry this year. 



A Twitter word search of “Rogen” and “boycott’ continues to result in more hits.




  1. This coming from a man and his people who will not stand up for their holy land. Why is it that the Jewish people here in the US who are mostly democrats, do not have a problem with the democrats not standing with their holy land?

  2. Celebrities & ass clowns like Rogen should keep their mouths shut about their own personal beliefs & feelings when their livelihood rests on entertaining people.

    I was actually going to see the Steve Jobs movie.. but, I think now I’ll take a pass on it. I’m not interested in supporting a racist bigot like Rogan on the screen.

  3. Hey, that he’s a racist isn’t news. You knew that last year when he wrote and stared in a movie about assassinating the North Korean SITTING Head of State. Then it was okay, but now, because it’s a black he’s racist?Never mind that he bailed on his religious brothers (that’s Hollywood), but then to speak with such foul and mean spirited comments shows him for the person he really is.


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