Federal Judge Upholds Arizona Law Allowing Police To Verify Legal Status


Federal Judge Susan Bolton has ruled that police may ask anyone they stop to prove their legal status when stopped by the police.  She said that the plaintiffs could not prove that the law would discriminate against Hispanics. 


She is also allowing police to check the legal status of any prisoner that is detained.  She did, however, block a provision that would have allowed police to check on the legal status of day workers.

The PC Graveyard reported that the ruling means that the police can check on the legal status of someone who is stopped or detained for wrongdoing, but prevents checks on those who are not otherwise suspected of wrongdoing.  The plaintiffs, National Immigration Law Center , is weighing their options, including the appealing of Judge Bolton’s ruling.  In my opinion, that is very likely for no other reason than to discourage other states from adopting similar laws.

Karen Tumlin, the legal director of the National Immigration Law Center said:

“We will continue working on behalf of our courageous plaintiffs to show that Arizona can do better than this disgraceful law.”

Arizona may immediately begin to enforce those two provisions approved by Bolton.


  1. If they can check for outstanding warrants and unpaid parking tickets, why not immigration status? This is just common sense. When you are detained for a legal purpose (speeding, jay walking, disorderly conduct, etc…) the police should do a full background check to insure you are not wanted and make sure you are legally in the US if you are not a citizen. If you are here legally but not a citizen, immigration should be informed to determine if your offense is grounds to revoke your visa or green card. Illegal, you are shipped back where you came from and if ever caught in the US again, automatic 10 years in prison with no appeal and 1 week prosecution. If you own property in the US and are illegally in the US, you forfeit the property and it is sold to pay for enforcement and prosecution of illegals.


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