FEDS Going To Homes Asking People How Much They Know About Jade Helm Military Exercises [Videos]


Since when do average Americans know more about a military drill than the FEDS? My guess is almost never, so why are the FEDS showing up at people’s houses and questioning them about their knowledge in regards to Jade Helm 15?

It appears the FBI is making house calls to people who have shown too much concern, or have been outspoken about the upcoming Jade Helm 15 military exercises.


Here is an intro to the situation as stated by James Casale about the event that took place at his home on May 15, 2015. 

 ‘A little back story: They caught me on a Friday afternoon which is a day I get home alone for a change, so it is a nap day for me. I had just woke up 10 min before this to my brothers phone call saying he was going to stop by. He only lives 3 blocks away. So I opened my front door for him. Three minutes before they knocked. I totally thought my brother was knocking and messing with me. When I got to the door I seen their badges. They said, “Just here as a knock and talk about a concerning phone call.” So I used my dog as an excuse to grab my cell phone and pray for wisdom, insight, and courage. So I can’t take the credit for staying calm. I did call my state officials in Nebraska to see if they had gotten anything asking for my states participation. Never called the FBI or any Fed’s for that matter.’


FBI: Basically we’re just following up on a phone call… there’s a lot of news reporting about Jade Helm and that… and I was just wondering if you have a couple minutes to talk about it… you had called in kind of concerned about it… We follow up with anything like that… we follow all that national stuff.

Notice that the FED’s are not taking any notes, and they allow James Casale to speak freely. 

FBI Questions a freeman about JADE HELM 15 part 2 of 2

Why do you think the FBI stopped by to visit this man, obviously it was not because they needed more information from him so that they could look into the military exercises. Possibly, their prerogative was to profile and garner more intelligence about the ‘extremist’ views held by the man who answered the door. Could it be they wanted to know what he knew and specifically, who he knew, presumably because they would be paying those folks a visit as well.


H/T to Freedom Fighter Reports

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