Fight! Trump Supporters Clash With Black Lives Matter Activists (Video)


There was a massive disruption in Richmond Virginia last night when Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was heckled at a Rally when he started to speak about illegal immigration.  Virginia State police were forced to remove ‘Black Lives Matter’ and Latino protesters.

Trump supporters and protesters clash at Richmond rally

GOP Daily Dose Reports:

Black Lives Matter and pro-illegal alien Latino activists were forcibly removed by Virginia State Police officers after disrupting a rally held Wednesday evening in Richmond by leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

There were reports that ‘small fights’ had broken out between the protesters and Trump supporters.

A cellphone video shows an apparent Trump supporter arguing with and then spitting on a protester. One report said the disruptions lasted for around thirty minutes.

When the protesters first made their presence known in the capacity crowd of about 5,000, Trump responded by saying, “That’s why we have freedom of speech, folks!”, according to a video excerpt of his speech posted to You Tube.

Photos posted to twitter by reporters at the rally, which was held at a large hall on the grounds of Richmond International Raceway, show uniformed Virginia State Police officers manhandling and ejecting several protesters. Other photos show ‘in your face’ verbal clashes between the protesters and Trump supporters.

M. Scott Mahaskey, Director of Photography for Politico, posted two batches of photos to Twitter.


“Protesters disrupt @realDonaldTrump gathering at #Richmond International Raceway in Virginia.”


“More from @realDonaldTrump event in Richmond, Virginia; protesters removed from venue amid large gathering.”

WWBT-TV reporter Mike Valerio posted brief reports and photos of the protesters to Twitter.

“Pro Latino group just tries to disrupt #Trump rally in Richmond when GOP front runner says USA will build wall #rva”

“HUGE roar from crowds trying to drown each other out “We love Trump” now drowning out Hispanic groups trying to disrupt #Trump2016 rally”


“Massive disruption at #Trump rally – state police involved” “Sending more photos of #Trump2016 disruption that lasted 30 minutes. Bandwith low. 5,000 in the room. Small fights broke out, very tense.”

“Black Lives Matter and Latino protesters escorted out of #Trump Richmond rally. #Trump2016 #rva”


“Calm restored to unscripted #trump rally at Richmond International Raceway #Trump2016 #RVA” A video posted to Twitter by CNN’s Jeremy Diamond shows a confrontation between a protester wearing a t-shirt with a profane Spanglish anti-Trump message and an apparent Trump supporter. After yelling back and forth the white male apparent Trump supporter appears to spit on the Latino male protester.

Photo:  Bing



  1. The Constitution was not amended FOUR times to compel respect for intrinsically contemptible behavior merely because it comes from people whose ancestors were the reason for said amending.

  2. “Massive disruption” ?? It was only a HANDFUL of student protesters — I was there. They were in the back of the crowd and were quickly removed. Their objective was to disrupt the rally (aka, cause trouble) and get media attention. By sharing their photos and this story, you are rewarding these idiots for their juvenile antics …which means they’ll do it again. And other impressionable juveniles will want to do likewise after seeing this.
    The Left wants to create the impression that if elected, minorities won’t support Trump. That’s BS… there will be more jobs than this country’s ever seen. All ships will rise with the tide. And this country can start getting itself out of debt too. It was a great hour-long rally… with no teleprompter!

  3. I was at this event and stood 5 feet from the tweens that made fools out of themselves….there were maybe 10 of them and they were easily drowned out and removed….funny thing is they had no answer for this legal immigrant when I asked them why they do not support legal immigration….they looked like fish with gaps for mouths…..They are to stupid to realize Trump nor his followers are against immigration, we are against a swarm of illegals getting a free ride, it took hard work to gain my citizenship and just giving it away is a slap in the face to those of us that did it the right way, European, Asian, Spanish etc… ..Trump was great said this is freedom of speech folks and kept on getting it….these little ones only hear one thing “Free” and Bernie….as an immigrant from a Socialist Democratic Country in Europe all I can say is …be very careful what you wish for little children…..


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