FLOTUS Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee – Michelle Obama Working Out [Video]

FLOTUS Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee – Michelle Obama Working Out [Video]

Michelle Obama posted a video on Tuesday night that shows her raining blows on a punching bag and hoisting a pair of 35-pound dumbbells in response to Barack Obama’s challenge five days earlier.

“Hey @POTUS! This is how you #GimmeFive, FLOTUS-style,” the Michelle wrote on Twitter, using her husband’s new handle and referencing the hashtag she used to challenge Americans to name five ways they are living healthily.




The 30-second Twitter video and 2-minute YouTube version shows Michelle jumping rope, lifting a medicine ball up and down, completing bench jumps, lifting the dumbbells from an inclined position and donning boxing gloves for the pugilistic drill.

Obama’s video shows him and Vice President Joe Biden running and drinking glasses of water in a shirt and tie and mentions that the President orders vegetables and sometimes holds walk-and-talks rather than seated meetings.


Watch #GimmeFive FLOTUS Style

President Obama Challenges the First Lady to #GimmeFive

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