Former Secret Service agent on Hillary, DNC-Russian Dossier: Monstrous Scandal of the Century (Video)


Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino joined Fox & Friends Thursday morning to discuss the Uranium One deal calling it the scandal of the century.

For the past six months, the mainstream media told the American people that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia when in fact, it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Bongino asked the FOX and Friends hosts, “How is this not the scandal of the century?”

Dan Bongino:How is this not the scandal of the century right now? We have the Democrats who for six months, even more than that… for six months told us Trump colluded with the Russians to tilt the course of an American election. Now we find out that the boomerang has come back and slammed the Democrats right in the face. And the entire time the Russian connection was through the DNC and the Clinton campaign?… I was a former federal investigator. This is not a joke now. You had bogus, spurious information, potentially fed by the Russians that was used in a presidential daily brief. The president was briefed on fake Russian information… If this information was used, God forbid, in a judicial document, to get a warrant to tap anyone in the Trump campaign. You want to hear about a scandal? The FBI used fake Russian intel potentially!… If the Russians were paying the conduit, the vehicle for this whole thing, Fusion GPS, while the DNC and Hillary were, and what were they taking that money for? You have a monstrous scandal that really could change American politics forever.

Via FOX and Friends


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