FOX News One Of Top Largest Donors To Hillary Clinton For Two Decades


FOX News has been one of the top 10 largest donors to the Clinton’s for the better part of two decades. This may explain their hostility towards GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. 

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Truth in Media reported:

To many, it seems contrary to intuition that Fox News could be one of the Clinton family’s largest donors for the better part of two decades. Check your intuition at the door- it’s true. According to Federal Election Commission and Center for Responsive Politics data, 21st Century Fox News Corp., has donated more than $3 million to Clinton family accounts. Overall, this lands Fox as the Clinton family’s 9th largest donor over the course of the family’s political involvement.


Something to consider…

Should it really infuriate the conservative viewership of Fox News that the company also donates to Democrats? After all, are political parties not constantly blaming media outlets for being biased? What would it say about the state of media in America if companies and their journalists only donated to one specific party?

More troubling, what does it say about Americans that some are upset over the fact that Fox News and its employees are donating to Democrats in addition to Republicans? Do we really want our media to be non-bias, or do we simply want it to follow our own bias?

Taking this into consideration, I find it ironic that the Fox hosts asked Donald Trump about money he gave to Hillary Clinton, watch the video.Conservatives may want to reconsider Fox News as their main news source.

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  1. If this is true, or even close, Newsmax TV needs to get with the HD program and hire Mark Levin, Limbaugh, Greta and Hannity. Get an exclusive on Napolitano and hire away as many recognizable news anchors from Fox as is possible. O’Reilly and Kelly are sell-outs. Bret Bair, too. They’re nothing without an audience. But you need to give all of us somewhere to go.

    Now’s the time, Newsmax. You must strike while the iron is hot.


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