Fox News “Sheer Scale Of Obama Spying Against Americans Is Staggering” (Video)


It has now been disclosed that malevolent FBI agents have illegally shared spy data on US citizens with third parties, thereby subverting our Fourth Amendment Constitutional rights.

This is in direct contradiction to the recent testimony given by FBI director James Comey, at the May 3rd Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Truth Uncensored reported.

Why isn’t Obama’s spying scandal, which is literally BURSTING at the seams with “evidence” being investigated with even a sliver of the enthusiasm that the fake Trump-Russia probe is?, Truth Feed reports.

After 8 long and intense months of investigation, not one shred of evidence has surfaced to corroborate the accusations that President Trump colluded with Russians to “steal” the election from Hillary Clinton.

Yet, we have a mountain of evidence against Barry Obama, who weaponized our intel agencies for political reasons and SPIED on the American people.

You’d think that would be the story of the century.


Not with our fake news liberal media.

However, Fox News’ James Rosen understands the gravity since he and his parents were victims of Obama’s spy-ring.

Rosen says the sheer scale of Obama’s spying on the American people is “staggering.”

Watch the video:


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