Full List Of Your Representatives & Senators Who Voted For The Omnibus Bill

It’s important that we know who sold out the American people on the infamous and very anti-American and unconstitutional spending bill. We aren’t just going to give you the numbers, we’re going to name them.


In the House of Representatives, the vote was 316-113. Here’s the roll call of the vote and the list of those voting.

yeas 1 - Copy

yea 2 - Copy

yea 3 - Copy

— NAYS 113 —


 Second, here’s the list of the 65-33 who voted in the Senate, where twenty-six Republicans, six Democrats (including Bernie Sanders) and one independent voted against the bill. Ineligible presidential candidate Marco Rubio didn’t even show up for the vote! (HT Freedom Outpost)


If you wish to contact your representative or senator and either praise or criticize their vote, you can do so here.

HT Freedom Outpost

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