Geraldo Rivera Slammed on Twitter for Suggesting McCain’s Widow Take Senate Seat

Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera is facing backlash after suggesting that John McCain’s widow be handed his now-vacant senate seat. His chain-of-succession idea sent the Twitterverse into meltdown.

The avid Republican took to Twitter to share his brainwave, calling on Cindy McCain to be “appointed to fill Senate seat now vacated by [the] death of [her] hero husband,” – the Vietnam-War-hero-turned-senator and presidential candidate. McCain was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor a year ago and died aged 81 on Saturday in Arizona.

Rivera’s suggestion was met with shock, accusations of stupidity, and a reminder that the chain of succession was largely left behind when the United States seized its independence from the United Kingdom, in favor of a little something called democracy.

“Let Arizona do what they’ve wanted to do for a while now – put a real conservative in that seat,” one user said. Others called on Rivera to “stay out of AZ politics.”

A few people took the opportunity to point out Rivera’s insensitivity at making such a suggestion so soon after McCain passed away, while some savaged McCain’s decision to remain a US senator, despite his age and terminal illness.

I happen to agree that McCain should have retired when his health took a turn for the worse.



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