German Rail Service: Protective Measures To Protect Women, Children From ‘Violent Migrant Assaults’ (Video)


Europe is under attack by the thousands of migrants that they allowed into their country. European leader Angela Merkel and mainstream media are having a difficult time hiding the riots and growing reports of rapes and assaults.   


Fox News reported that a German rail service is rolling out “women and children only” train cars following a series of violent sexual attacks against woman in the western city of Cologne.

The Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn rail company says the segregated train cars are designed to make women traveling alone or with small children feel safe, according to Europe Online Magazine.

The carriages will be in service between Leipzig and Chemnitz, and boys up to the age of 10 will be allowed to ride.

Each train will have two women-only compartments “deliberately” located at the center of the train and close to the customer service compartment, MRB added.

On New Year’s Eve, police in Cologne received hundreds of reports of sexual assaults and robberies, sparking international uproar. Several witnesses described the assaults as being committed by men of “Arab or North African origin,” bolstering anti-refugee sentiments in Europe as the region struggles to cope with an influx of migrants.

In January, Muslim Issue reported that a conference was hosted by Cologne’s chief of police Wolfgang Albers who confirmed that the attacks on New Year’s had been perpetrated by migrants, all of whom were found to be carrying official immigration paperwork by police officers at the time.

Mr. Albers said “the crimes have been committed by a group of people who mostly come from her in appearance from the North African and Arab countries”, and that he found the situation “intolerable”.

In addition to the sex attacks, there were several brawls between migrant gangs at the railway station, and large numbers of fireworks were fired into the crowds and at the hapless police.

A witness said: “There were thousands of men. Simply firing into the crowd, and as my girlfriend and I wanted to get us to safety, but they blocked our way. We were so scared! We fled from the station”.

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