‘GET A GUN’: Judge Jeanine Urges Americans To Protect Themselves After Orlando (Video)


On “Justice” last night, Judge Jeanine Pirro said “laws must be changed” to prevent another domestic terror attack like what happened in Orlando last weekend.

Judge Jeanine pointed out that the FBI interviewed Orlando shooter Omar Mateen three times, but didn’t find any evidence to bring charges against him. 

She said that probable cause shouldn’t be a requirement in order to keep a suspected terrorist or dangerous individual under investigation, or at least to prevent them from purchasing guns.

Judge Jeanine lamented that it’s unlikely those laws will be changed, so she urged Americans to take control of their own safety: “Get a gun, because this government ain’t in a position to help.”


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  1. The problem is the the second amendment has become an orphaned right in Cali and the Northeast. Staple the carry permit to my death certificate like Carol Browne.


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