Gingrich: ‘Mueller Stacking Legal Team With Left-Leaning Lawyers To Take Down Trump’ (Video)


Longtime friend and supporter Newt Gingrich is backing up President Donald Trump’s ‘Witch Hunt’ claims by accusing Special Counsel Robert Mueller of stacking his legal team with left-leaning lawyers.

The former Speaker of the House attacked Mueller, as well as the Justice Department, during an interview on ABC’s This Week.

Gingrich’s suggestion Mueller’s team is becoming a partisan attack on the president has been pushed by the president on Twitter, as well as conservative media outlets this week.

The former speaker first pushed out the line during a Good Morning America appearance on Tuesday, when he again highlighted the fact some of Mueller’s hires had donated to Democratic political candidates, including Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, Daily Mail reports.

For example, Michael Dreeban, a criminal law expert who’s working part-time for Mueller, donated $1,000 to Friends of Hillary, which was supporting Clinton when she ran for public office in New York.

Another big-name hire, Andrew Weissmann, who led the Enron Task Force, donated six times to the political action committees supporting Obama during the 2008 election, for a total of $4,700, according to the Hill.

In total, four of Mueller’s top hires had contributed to Democrats, which Laura Ingraham’s publication Lifezette also pointed out.

Trump ally Ingraham’s involvement suggests this may be a broader strategy coming from the White House to taint Mueller’s Russia probe.

‘One of them worked for the Clinton Foundation,’ Gingrich also pointed out to Stephanopoulos.

He was referring to Jeannie Rhee, a former Department of Justice attorney who represented the Clinton Foundation in 2015.

Rhee and her partner on the case Jamie Gorelick got a federal judge to block Bill and Hillary Clinton from testifying in a deposition in a lawsuit brought to the court by a conservative activist.

Gorelick is now an attorney for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

‘He did not hire a Republican in the first wave,’ Gingrich complained of Mueller.

Stephanopoulos, a veteran of the Clinton White House, pointed out that Kenneth Starr, the special counsel who investigated that White House, had called Mueller’s crew a ‘fantastic team’ comprised of ‘complete professionals.’

‘Well, then Ken Starr and I live in two different universes then,’ Gingrich replied. ‘I am very dubious about the team Mueller is putting together.’

Gingrich has repeatedly defended Trump and attacked those critical of the president.


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