Gingrich – Trump Must Defeat Propagandist Media Or They’ll Destroy Him (Video)


Neil Cavuto depicts Newt Gingrich as being a pioneer in “ripping the media and going after what he thought was unfair reporting.” Cavuto compares the conduct of the former speaker favorably to that of our current President, saying that President Trump “can’t let go of it.” If he thought he’d find a kindred spirit in that regard in Speaker Gingrich, he was mistaken, Stop The Take Over reports.

Gingrich says, “I think this is a real war. I think the people on the other side, whether they’re the demonstrators at the rally or they’re the college professors, or they’re many of the senior reporters, they are the other team. Some of the stuff that’s been done, CNN’s total miscoverage [sic] of the FBI relationship was crazy. I mean you look at this stuff and you think to yourself, you know the New York Times’ continual misrepresentation of fact just borders on propaganda of the worst kind.”

“So I think,” says Gingrich, “this is a President who understands that he’s in a long game. That part of that long game is to make sure that his half of America understands how bad much of the news coverage is. Because, what the news media is trying to do, is establish a storyline which makes Trump hopeless. And what he has to do is establish an alternative competing storyline which makes them false.”

Gingrich continues, “And I don’t think he has a choice. If I were in his shoes, I would kick some of the organizations out. I would flood the White House press corps with lots of people. I would go to Skype a lot more. I would go to local reporters from all over the country. I would take the old Washington establishment head on and be pretty cheerful about it.”

Asked if there is a risk in the current tactics of having the media afraid to challenge “the emperor,” Gingrich doesn’t believe there’s any danger of that in the near future of President Trump being above being taken on.  Gingrich says he has never seen, in his long career, the level of dishonesty that is currently being displayed by the Washington Post, the New York Times and CNN, remarking, “Some of these stories are so false. And I think it’s fair to say to a reporter, ‘Look, if you’re engaged in absolute falsehood, you don’t get to play.’ I don’t care, they can send somebody else, they’ve got lots of other reporters.”

He points to the reality that “You don’t have to pretend that somebody’s a serious reporter if they’re just a propagandist.” He corrects Cavuto that he’s not asking for fairness as much as he is requiring they be factual.” He cites what was known to be a totally false smear story, in which women were deliberately mischaracterized as offended by Trump when they were actually quite complimentary of his conduct. That hit piece was run during the campaign in an effort to damage President Trump, the same thing that continues to this day. He asks, “Why would you give them the dignity of the White House press operation?”

Gingrich says it is integral to President Trump’s vision of reshaping America that the hard-line, left-wing propagandists have to be taken head on. You cannot allow them to pretend that they’re neutral because they’ll destroy you allow them to pretend they’re neutral.”

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