Giuliani Calls Out Jeff Sessions On Hillary’s Payment To Fusion GPS For Bogus Dossier


In October 2017 the Washington Post reported that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the DNC paid for the bogus Fusion GPS dossier alleging Russian ties with the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

The GP reported that Hillary’s team lied for nearly a year about funding the anti-Trump junk dossier that spear headed the Mueller investigation.

Hillary Clinton later lied and said she didn’t know about the Russia dossier that her campaign actually paid for until after Buzzfeed exposed her in January of 2017 when they published the 35-page document

Jim Holt, the GP reports:

Documents released in August of this year by Judicial Watch also reveal the FBI was also paying Fusion GPS dossier author Christopher Steele.

The junk dossier that was never verified by the intelligence community because it read like a trashy porn novel was the “evidence” used in FBI FISA requests to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign and his administration.

On Thursday AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a ridiculous statement attacking his boss and President Trump.

Sessions said his department “will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.”

That’s when Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani weighed in and told Sessions to WAKE UP!

Rudy Giuliani: If there is any justice left at DOJ why is payment by Hillary Clinton and DNC to FusionGPS for the phony Steele dossier not under investigation. On your theory in Cohen plea it’s an illegal campaign contribution.Let’s go DOJ wake up. where’s the indictment. Clintons not above law


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