Gloria Allred REFUSES Third-Party Handwriting Analysis on Roy Moore Yearbook (Video)


Gloria Allred, the lawyer representing Alabama U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson, appeared Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” and declined to have a third-party analysis look at the yearbook she presented as evidence to strengthen her client’s claim that she was sexually harassed by Moore as a minor.

The yearbook in question purportedly has Moore’s signature, which has been called into question by those with the Moore campaign. Allred told “New Day” co-host Camerota she would only allow a handwriting analysis if Moore agreed to testify under oath, Breitbart reports.

Judge Roy Moore continues to insist that he did not sign the yearbook and since Allred will not release it, people are left to believe that it is a forgery and she knows it is – why else would she refuse. Confirmation from a third party would validate her clients claim.

Partial transcript provided by Breitbart:

CAMEROTA: If no Senate committee takes this on, can’t you just go to a third-party handwriting analyst to solve this?

ALLRED: We could. But the key person is Roy Moore. And let me just say, one other misleading statement that Roy Moore said — because in a letter to Sean Hannity, he said, “Well, our client, Beverly Nelson,’ he said, “appeared before me.” “Before me” was the quote in the letter, which I’m sure you have.

CAMEROTA: During the divorce proceeding —

ALLRED: During the divorce proceeding. Since he said that, her Alabama divorce attorney from the time has said publicly and to me that she never appeared before Roy Moore because the case — they reconciled, the parties reconciled without her going before him.

CAMEROTA: So, there are inconsistencies. I hear you.

ALLRED: You can call them inconsistencies if you wish to be kind. I would rather not call them inconsistencies. They were misleading statements.

CAMEROTA: But can you put some of this to rest by going to a neutral third-party and looking at the handwriting in the yearbook, wouldn’t that help?

ALLRED: Again, if he’s willing to testify under oath, yes.

CAMEROTA: Without that. In the absence of that, will you turn it over?

ALLRED: When you say in the absence of that, it’s not just a footnote. This is extremely important. And if he is elected, clearly the Senate Select Committee on Ethics will hold a hearing.

CAMEROTA: Fine. But before that.

ALLRED: At that time there will be testimony not just by my client. I expect others as well.

CAMEROTA: This would be good information for voters to have before that.

ALLRED: It would be good.

CAMEROTA: Authentic signature in the yearbook. Why not turn it over?

ALLRED: It would be very good information for them to have, to know whether Roy Moore is willing to raise his hand and testify under oath, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help him, God, did he, in fact, assault Beverly? Did he, in fact, assault Leigh Corfman who says when she was 14 years old she was assaulted? Will the voters believe women who allege that they were assaulted, when they were children, or under age of majority or will they accept the denial of one powerful man?

CAMEROTA: The election is in two weeks. So you still have a chance this these two weeks, will he turn it over to somebody other than —

ALLRED: And so does he.


ALLRED: I want him to do what my client, Beverly, says that she is willing to do. Testify under oath. We’ve heard nothing. The silence is deafening as to whether he is willing to take the oath and testify truthfully.

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