Google Is Censoring Search Results About Hillary Clinton’s Health


Google is being accused of censoring internet searches about Hillary Clinton’s health. People who search for information regarding her current health concerns are fed search suggestions that have nothing to do with the issue, many on Twitter pointed out Saturday.

According to Infowars, images show users typing, “Hillary Clinton’s he” into the Google search bar, before the search engine gives auto-complete suggestions including “Hillary Clinton’s headquarters,” “Hillary Clinton health plan,” and “Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan” – in other words, suggestions that have nothing to do with the current trending issue concerning Clinton’s health.

In contrast, the Microsoft-owned search engine displays search results related to the current trending issue regarding the former secretary of state’s health conditions.


Search engine’s auto-complete search appears to be the most truthful about current trending topics regarding Hillary’s health concerns.


Observation of the issue sparked the viral hashtag#HillaryClintonSearchTerms which was trending on Twitter on Saturday.


Inforwars added that Google had previously been called out for changing its algorithm to censor search engine suggestions for people looking for information regarding the multiple mysterious deaths tied to Hillary, known popularly as the “Clinton body count.”

Unlike Yahoo and Bing, Google brought up search suggestions referring users to research auto repair shops.


“While Google may not be outright censoring the information (people can still search for ‘clinton body count’), the fact that the term does not auto-complete clearly suggests that the company has altered its algorithm to clean up ‘conspiracy theories’ about Hillary,” wrote Paul Joseph Watson.

A report from Politico last year found that Google donated between $500,000-$1 million to the Clinton Foundation in recent years. Yahoo and Microsoft, on the other hand, do not appear on the list of media organizations that contributed to the foundation.


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