GOP Consultant: ‘This Is How We Take Down Donald Trump’ [Video]


The GOP has come up with a new plan to take Republican frontrunner Donald Trump out of the game. They refused to take Trump seriously, but now they all admit that they were wrong, Trump is real, and he has a serious shot at winning the presidency.

The geniuses in the Washington, D.C.- centered GOP establishment have a new plan to take down 2016 Republican frontrunner Donald Trump: Infiltrate his inner circle posing as an ally, then use their fabricated support of him to secretly plot to take him down, (HT Breitbart)



Breitbart reported:  “Just like Humphrey Bogart said in Casablanca, I was misinformed,” Alex Castellanos, one such consultant, said of Trump in an interview with Bloomberg Politics on Friday. “He’s grown. He started off as the anti-Washington candidate, the angry man’s candidate, now he’s becoming not just an anti-them vote but a pro-him. He’s becoming the Make America Great Again candidate and that gives him room for growth.”

“Anybody who discounts Donald Trump—he’s going to be around through the convention now—I think is making a mistake,” Castellanos added.

From there, the conversation turned to how Castellanos thinks Trump might be taken down—and who might do it. He said:

Well you have two angles to look at that—he’s sitting on a bunch of people down there on the conservative side. He’s sitting on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). I doubt Ben Carson is going to do anything about that, but at some point Ted Cruz is going to wake and figure ‘this race is going to end and I’m never going to catch up.’ Then on the other side, the establishment side, you can wait a little longer. Whether it’s a Carly Fiorina or a Jeb Bush or a Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), don’t stand in front of the tsunami right now and just coalesce—become a better, stronger candidate so you can be in the lead when everyone turns not to Trump but to the anti-Trump.

When asked, if he were running strategy for those wanting to take Trump down, how he would do it, he compared the effort to how Brutus murdered Caesar. ” Castellanos said:

The best way to do it is how Brutus killed Caesar. Get real close, snuggle up, and shiv him in the ribs. In other words, hug the message but not the messenger. ‘We understand the frustration in America, we know why you hate Washington. Your country is on the verge of decline, it’s going over a cliff, and nobody’s doing anything about it. We get it. Donald Trump and I agree on that, but let me tell you now what we’re going to do.’ Take his energy, take his heat, and use it to fuel your engine. Turn his heat into your action and be there, you hope, when voters actually get serious about this and say ‘you know what, I agree with him but he’s not a president.’

This is the same Castellanos who just a few days earlier called for a “cleansing” of the Republican Party after what he then expected would be an inevitable collapse of Trump’s campaign. Just a few days later, Castellanos has clearly changed his tune.

Stump Trump: Castellanos on How to Take on ‘The Donald’


  1. I will never vote for Jeb Bush. I don’t care what he has to say. He is for amnesty, common core and being insulting and rude to American people. You can’t talk, coerce, force, scare or otherwise get me to vote for that obnoxious RINO. I’ve lived through Obama the destroyer, I can live through anything and I don’t have to settle.

  2. If the RINOs do this, I will support Trump as a 3rd Party candidate. He can beat the other two parties, if necessary. He is exactly what this country needs.

  3. It is too late for any candidate to do flip-flops on their stances. People will NOT be fooled again with their lies and a**kissing tactics just to turn around and stab us AGAIN in our backs this time! BE VERY CAREFUL OF MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE AS RAND PAUL, OR JEB BUSH! They’re losing for a REASON! Don’t Thump the TRUMP!

  4. This won’t work. I will never vote for a career politician again. EVER. And what’s interesting is that this attitude has spread to the hundreds of thousands. I’m for America, not a political party.

  5. They are so hard line politician! So blind! Americans are ready to throw the politicians out of Washington! We want fellow Patriots in Washington. We want Leaders who love America. We want Leaders who will uphold our Constitution. No more lies! No more senseless wars! No more lobbying! No more bail outs! No more illegals! And the list goes on and on and on!

  6. This Bloomberg interview is a JOKE!! Trump IS what the PEOPLE want and Need!! HE will last and Trump will WIN! He is like Reagan! You all can bloviate all you want, Trump knows what he is doing, You Ain’t seen nothin yet! GO Trump!!

  7. Please is this man JUST now thinking of this? Does he think that the American people can’t see a wolf in sheep’s clothing or something? This is why I’m not all on the Carson and Cruz wagon. Although I like both men and think they could be a great addition to Trump for VP, doesn’t mean I can’t see past the game and if I can see it, I’m sure Trump’s eyes are wide open to it too. He already knows no one is to be trusted. It’s called keep your friends close and your enemies closer, yeah we get it and are already one step ahead of you!!!!!!

  8. The “pros” are whistling past the graveyard if they think Trump can’t win as a third party. Perot could have won if he hadn’t quit in the middle and belatedly come back in. He still got 20%. 34% of the people are fed up. That’s all it takes to win. So if the RINOs lock him out of the primaries, they are finished as a party.

    • That is exactly what us liberals want, Trump divides the Republican party and then the White House goes to the Democrats again for another 8 years. The Repubs have lost the minority vote, etc. etc.

  9. According to the Word of God, “It is God who puts kings in place, and takes them down.” This being true, and I believe it is, who then can take Trump down if in fact, God desires to put him in charge of this country Personally speaking, I truly believe that God’s Spirit is slowly but surely being withdrawn from the USA. Why? Because this country has decided to cut away from God, and do their own thing. This being true, God would desire to put a man like Trump in place to cause a complete reformation within our country before it implodes, and self destructs. Mankind always likes to think of being in charge, but according to the Bible,…God, and God alone is in complete command.

  10. running scared? he will just go independent, I have NO problem with that I register Independent because I refuse to be labeled, I prefer to vote for who ever I think is the best choice and it was NEVER Obama! now I will vote for any one BUT a democrat I am so sick of them and their murdering lying vacation taking money blowing & giving away. I don’t work so others don’t have to!!!!


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