GOP Senate Intel Leader Burr: We Found NO EVIDENCE of Russian Collusion – But Will Keep Looking (Video)


Republican Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the Senate Intelligence Committee’s ongoing Russian collusion investigation.

The Senator admitted that there is no evidence of collusion into the 2016 US presidential election.

But Burr said the the committee will keep the investigation open wasting taxpayer money continuing to search for what does not exist.

Their goal now, is to find anything they can to charge, or discredit President Donald Trump and that too is becoming an impossible chore.

Burr confirms what we all knew – the election outcome was not effected by the Russians, and yet, the witch hunt continues!

At some point this is going to have to end – but it can’t be President Trump who puts a stop to it or the Democrats will claim he is trying to hide something.

Truth be told, the longer this farce of an investigation goes on, the more idiotic they all look and the better for President Trump.


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