Group Pushes For California to Secede From United States (Video)

California may soon become its own country…

The day after President Trump’s victory, the #calexit hashtag blew up on social media. Calexit is a movement that aims to have California secede from the US and become its own country – and a group called Yes California is campaigning hard for the motion to actually be put to a vote in 2019.

The president of a group promoting the secession of California from the United States said that the cultures of his state and the rest of the country are not “intact.”

According to Yes California, “The people of California have suffered in such a way for a long time,” Fox News reports.

The organization states on its website that the United States “ignores its own Constitution” and has “destroyed” Federalism in California.

“The United States is a direct threat to millions of California residents due to its unfair and unreasonable immigration laws, and broken immigration system,” the website states.

Marcus Ruiz Evans, the group’s president, said to Brian Kilmeade on “Watters’ World” that it’s “too little, too late” when it comes to the country’s immigration policy.

“America has had 30 years to deal with immigration policy and it never did it,” he said.

Evans criticized border officials and said they aren’t doing their jobs.

“People who are undocumented, 40 percent of them are visa overstays,” he said.

Evans said that the majority of California residents support the sanctuary law that is present in the state.

About a dozen cities within the state have voted to challenge the law, which is heavily supported by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and State Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D).

“I know there’s a lot of talk about ‘people in California are going to revolt’ and ‘they’re going to push back against this,'” he said. “It isn’t going to happen.”

Evans also said that he supports the state attempting to block “anything that [President] Trump does,” but that it ultimately will not lead to a cohesive government.

“This is unsustainable,” he said. “You cannot have a government work this way.”

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