Gun-Manufacture Makes Trump ‘Extraordinary’ Offer When He Builds Border Wall (Video)


Patriot Ordnance Factory founder Frank DeSomma, recently made an extraordinary offer to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.


In a video message released with, the Florida gun maker offered to place a free rifle in every guard tower that Trump builds on his proposed U.S., Mexico border wall.

Patriot Ordinance Factory will put a free rifle in every guard tower along the border of the wall you build. Remember, go Donald Trump, vote for gun rights. Do not take away our rights,” DeSomma told during an NRA convention in Louisville, this past weekend.

From Jared Morgan, at

If the effective range of a regular AR rifle is 600 yards at best, then the guard towers can probably be 1,200 yards from one another, assuming your border patrol and militiamen are good shots. The border is more than 3.5 million yards across, divided by the space between towers, which gives you a need for roughly 2,917 towers.

POF’s rifles cost between $1,400-$3,500, so assuming there wouldn’t be any extras, that would set POF back anywhere between $4.08 million and $10.2 million, according to some back of the envelope math. In February, Trump said the wall only needs to be 1,000 miles long “because we have natural barriers, et cetera, et cetera,” which would cut POF’s presumed costs in half.

The company is offering free shipping on its rifles to all customers, so assuming Trump gets the same deal, that should bring the overall cost for POF up just a bit. Since it would be a donation, perhaps there’s a tax break to also consider.

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