Hannity’s Best Ever Monologue: ‘Hillary Clinton and Her Husband Sold Out America to the Russians!’ (Video)


Fox News host Sean Hannity gave an explosive monologue on the Clinton-Uranium One deal bombshell Tuesday night. He blasted the Clintons calling the evidence overwhelming and uncontroversial saying that Hillary and Bill Clinton sold out America to the Russians.

Hannity laid out the entire Russia collusion story and called on Jeff Sessions to investigate the scandal. He destroyed the mainstream media for reporting that President Trump had colluded with Russia when in fact, it was Hillary all along.

Hannity’s opening monologue is comprised of the first 14 minutes and it is EPIC!

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Mediaite reports:

“After President Trump won in November, President Obama and his administration — they were telling anyone who would listen, ‘Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia interfered with our election. Russia was creating a direct threat to American democracy’” Hannity mocked. “Well if that’s the case, why when they have mountains of evidence that we will reveal tonight of Russian bribery going back to 2009, why then would the Obama administration and Hillary [Clinton] in particular sign off on the sale of 20% of America’s uranium to Vladimir Putin and the Russians?”

The Fox News host boasted about his own coverage of the Uranium One deal by showing a clip of himself from back in July predicting it would be “the biggest news” to come out this year.

“Tonight, with this new evidence, what we have discovered is that the evidence against the Clintons is overwhelming, it is incontrovertible,” Hannity continued. “Hillary Clinton and her husband sold out America to the Russians while millions of dollars flowed to their family foundation. And in the process, Clinton created a massive national security risk for every man, woman, and child — giving Vladimir Putin control over American uranium.”

Hannity broke major news on his program tonight.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, already launched an investigation into the Uranium One. Grassley is expected to ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the Russian Uranium One scandal in Wednesday’s hearing.

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