Heartwarming Story: What Myles an 8-Year-Old Boy Did for a Soldier Will Be Remembered For a ‘Lifetime’


Myles Eckert, an 8 year-old boy was dreaming up ways he could spend a $20 bill he had just found in a Cracker Barrel parking lot earlier this month thinking he’d like a new video game he told CBS News in an interview.

Then Myles saw Lt. Col. Frank Dailey enter the restaurant in uniform and young Myles changed his mind. Why? “Because he was a soldier, and soldiers remind me of my dad,” Eckert explained to CBS.

Myles father, Army Sgt. Andy Eckert, had been killed in Iraq when Myles was only a few weeks old and Myles can only imagine what he was like: “I imagine him as a really nice person and somebody that would be really fun,” he told CBS News.

So rather than buy himself a new video game, Myles reached out in an act of kindness and Lt. Col. Dailey, touched by the Eckert’s gesture, said he looks at the note he received each day. “It’s incredible being recognized in such a manner,” he said, adding that the child’s simple gift has provided him “a lifetime of direction.”

By: ~Rebel Rebellion III%


Source: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/03/02/the-incredible-thing-an-8-year-old-boy-did-for-a-soldier-will-be-remembered-for-a-lifetime/


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