What The Hell Is Wrong with Her? MSNBC Reporter Suggests Trump Will Start Killing Reporters (Video)


MSNBC host Katy Tur on Monday compared the mysterious deaths of journalists in Russia who spoke out against President Vladimir Putin to President Donald Trump’s “distaste” for the media, The GOP Daily Dose reports.

During an interview in which Fischer defended President Trump, Tur implied that the president could adopt the anti-journalist tactics of Vladimir Putin, who has been accused of rubbing out critics of his regime.

Newsbusters reported:

“As we know, there’s, since 2000, been a couple dozen suspicious deaths of journalists in Russia who came out against the government there,” Tur reminded the Senator before unscrupulously suggesting Trumps distaste for the media would escalate, “Donald Trump has made no secret about going after journalists and his distaste for any news that doesn’t agree with him here. Do you find that this is a dangerous path he is heading down?”

Fischer defended the President, saying that it’s his job to foster relationships with leaders from countries around the globe. “And I believe that President Trump will recognize, or does recognize right now, who Putin is,” she added in his defense.

But Tur wasn’t having any of it, pressuring the Senator by asking, “What makes you say that he does recognize who Putin is when he hasn’t said so publicly?” The Senator tried to argue that the new president wasn’t going to sour the relationship right out of the gate, but was cut off by her interviewer. “There is a difference between attacking and flattering,” Tur spat.

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