Here’s a Who’s Who of Deep State Criminals and Elites Planning a Coup D’état Against President Trump

Here’s a Who’s Who of Deep State Criminals and Elites Planning a Coup D’état Against President Trump

There is a deeply embedded shadow government in the United States running the affairs of state – The Deep State or Alt Government.  This shadow government is not monolithic.  But, it does not have to be.  Its operatives share a common mindset and worldview.  They travel in the same social circles.

And, they walk the same corridors of power. No matter who’s in power, they’re in control. They pride themselves on operating below the radar – and above the law.  And, the shadowy world in which they maneuver is characterized by three disturbing proclivities: Secrecy, surveillance and subterfuge.

In the words of Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell, the decidedly left-leaning Deep State is “quite comfortable exercising all of the levers of the organs of the state.”  Farrell explains:

They come from a Franco-Germanic political philosophy that, historically, has always placed the state over the citizenry.  They derive their power and exercise it vigorously through the state.

As time goes on, this disparity between the values and beliefs of the people and those of the Deep State becomes cumulative, and no matter whom the people elect to public office, the Deep State takes the nation in a direction that increasingly diverges from where the people desire to go.

The Deep State is more insidious than mere partisanship, and it is more dangerous because it is permanent. While presidents and Members of Congress come and go, the Deep State remains permanently, growing ever more powerful – and predatory. As already is clear with the Trump presidency, the Deep State can turn on any president that threatens its interests and survival. And left unchecked, it may destroy him. – Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton

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From the GP:

Deep State is nothing more than a group of deceiving, criminal and corrupt politicians and government workers who are working to overthrow the US government because of their desire for power and belief that they best can govern this great nation. In reality they are treasonous lunatics aided by the equally corrupt mainstream media (MSM).

A number of individuals, referred to collectively as ‘Deep State’, are using their power to prevent President Donald Trump from governing as he was duly elected to do and are doing all they can to overturn the election that put the President in place. Numerous actions taking place either individually or in an organized fashion can be attributed to deep state.

The entire Mueller investigation is a scam created by the deep state to overthrow the US government and is the deep state’s ultimate plot to re-take the country.  Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolten called the deep state’s actions against President Trump the first Coup D’état in US History –

Who is ‘deep state’?  Below is our list of deep state operatives as identified over the past year –

Barack Obama – The former President remains anonymous in most stories related to deep state but he is a key member if not the key corruptor and creator of the deep state team.  His administration is famous for corruption at levels never seen before in US history so it is no surprise that he is involved in the overthrow of the Trump Administration.  His team spied on candidate Trump and his team.  They corrupted the Executive and Judiciary branches of government thoroughly.  They hired and led the corrupt team at the FBI and DOJ.  Obama’s first AG, Eric Holder, is the only AG ever held in contempt of Congress.

Obama’s years were full of corruption and the deep state sat back and either covered it up or allowed the corrupt and criminal acts to proceed.  The list of Obama’s America destroying activities is long – it covers eight years – including giving billions to Iran, not providing protection for Americans in  Benghazi, Obamacare, releasing the Taliban 5, doubling the US debt to nearly $20 trillion,  fast and furious, the IRS scandal, providing arms to ISIS, etc…

Obama is the king of deep state and the related destruction of America. He now has set up camp a few miles from the White House and is traveling the world undermining President Trump (note some references to TGP posts) –

Loretta Lynch – Obama’s second AG corrupt oversaw the FBI and DOJ that set Hillary Clinton free during the email scandal after obvious criminal actions a week after Lynche met Bill Clinton on an Arizona tarmac in a botched clandestine meeting before the election.  After the Trump win Lynch released the following bizarre video and call to arms for the deep state

Robert Mueller – Dirty Cop and former FBI Head Robert Mueller is the epitome of the deep state.  As head of the FBI he failed to prosecute anyone for emailgate, fast and furious, Clinton foundation, etc.  He never recused himself as the special counsel in the Trump – Russia farce in spite of numerous conflicts of interest.  His entire team is a group of deep state liberal corrupt attorneys and investigators.  His investigation is a crime as exemplified by this past week’s report that the Mueller team unlawfully obtained transition emails from the Trump team that were protected under attorney – client privilege.

James Comey – Mueller’s partner in crime and protégé led the FBI after Mueller’s departure.  He won a deep state award for best corrupt actor when he led the Clinton email investigation, treated it as a special case, and then let Hillary off with no charges.  His presentation for why she should be let go was a masterpiece and showed he may also be a bit of a lunatic.  He let Hillary go twice during the election in spite of obvious crimes to every American.

Andrew McCabe – FBI Head after Comey was fired by President Trump, McCabe is in the middle of the scheme to overthrow the government.  His wife ran for office in 2016 and her campaign received hundreds of thousands in Hillary related campaign donations at the same time McCabe was involved in the Hillary emails cover-up.  In spite of this, McCabe didn’t recuse himself from the Hillary investigation until a week before the election.  His name was on an email involved in drafting Comey’s exoneration of Clinton.  The distribution list is all deep state –

Peter Strzok – Nobody knew this crook’s name until a few weeks ago.  The Lead Inspector on the Clinton email scandal and Trump – Russia farce.  This guy had a god – complex and thought it was his mission to stop Trump and help Hillary.  He’s a crook in every sense of the word and should be in jail.

Lisa Page – Strzok’s mistress at the DOJ.  Another  Trump hater in the deep state.

Bruce and Nellie Ohr – He worked at the DOJ and she worked at Fusion – the company that slanders people for a living.  Her specialty was with Russia and Trump.

Sally Yates and Andrew Weissman – Weissman is one of the Trump haters on Mueller’s team who praised Yates for defying President Trump’s travel ban before being removed by Trump.  The MSM praised her as well.  Mueller’s selection of Weissman says it all.

Honorable Mentions –

Although no longer in the government or never in the government, these individuals and entities are deep state creators and supporters –

The Clintons – Clinton emails, Uranium One, Clinton Foundation, Whitewater, Impeachment, Sex harassers, corrupt to the core.

George Soros – His last government job may have been working for the Nazi’s in World War II.  He’s corrupt and has been stealing from innocents ever since.  He promotes corrupt politicians and policies.  His many foundations and organizations all encourage upheaval and are anti-American, including Black Lives Matter.

Democrat Party – These elites will do all they can to stay in power.  A loss for Trump is their win.  They don’t care about Americans, only power.

MSM – The media in America today are a joke and travesty.  They are so biased and corrupt. Nearly 100 percent of their coverage of our President Trump is negative.  It includes lies and more importantly not sharing the positive stories of Trump’s accomplishments.   They enable the deep state.

Jeff Sessions – The biggest disappointment of the year.  At first the thought was that Sessions was compromised but now he appears to be a card carrying member of deep state.  He did everything he could to create the Mueller investigation and has done nothing to address the many Obama and Hillary crimes.

NeverTrumpers and Elite Republicans – Where are the leaders of the Republican Party? As deep state attempts their coup, the House Speaker and the Head of the Senate remain silent.  Instead they initiated Trump – Russia investigations in Congress themselves.  Horrible!

In spite of deep state’s actions, President Trump, has accomplished miracles in his first year as President.  The US stock market is on fire, it has never been this high or strong.  Numerous all-time records took place this year making it the best year ever for the US stock marketISIS is all but destroyed in Iraq and Syria after Obama declaring that they will be there for a generation.


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