Hero Female Witness Kills Suspect Attacking Indiana Conservation Officer (Video)


A man involved in a confrontation with an Indiana conservation officer has died after being shot by a witness, officials said Monday, WLWT5 reports.

Indiana State Police said the incident happened around 12:30 p.m. Monday in the 8300 block of State Road 56, about 10 miles west of Rising Sun.

According to the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office, the officer was responding to reports of a suspicious person in the area. Authorities said the off-duty conservation officer responded to the dispatcher’s reports, and made contact with the man, identified as Justin Holland, 32.

State troopers said Holland was found near a vehicle.

Officials said Holland resisted arrest, and a fight broke out between the pair.

Police have not elaborated on what sparked the fight.

“At some point, that officer began to lose that altercation with that person,” said Sgt. Stephen Wheeles with Indiana State Police. “It was at that time that a female who was nearby saw what was taking place and decided that she needed to take action and come to the assistance of that officer.”

Officials said the woman was at a nearby residence, and went to assist the officer. She fired one shot, striking Holland in the torso.

In radio traffic obtained by WLWT, a dispatcher said, “Shots were fired! Shots were fired! The guy is down in handcuffs at this time.”

Several people tried to render first aid to Holland.

First responders could be heard over their radios telling dispatchers they were performing CPR.

Holland was taken to Dearborn County Hospital for treatment. He was later pronounced dead.

“At this point, we want to stress that we don’t know what the cause of death is,” Wheeles said. “(We don’t know) whether the gunshot wound was the cause of death or if there was something else at play.”

It is unclear what kind of gun was used or if the woman had a concealed-carry license.

State police said the conservation officer was injured, but his injuries are not life-threatening. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

At this point, the woman has not been charged.

No one at the homes next to the scene wanted to talk with WLWT about what happened.

The incident remains under investigation.

An autopsy on Holland’s body is scheduled for Tuesday at Dearborn County Hospital.

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