High School Uses Duct Tape To Censor Messages Deemed ‘Racist and Unacceptable’


Shocking… Administrators at Sabino High School Tucson, Arizona taped over 10 comments in every yearbook at the school of 1,300 students claiming they were ‘racist and unacceptable’. Some of the comments mentioned race, but they were not offensive to a casual observer, like one Latina student who wrote, ‘Every Mexican needs a white best friend’. How is that racist?


 Censorship: Students were shocked when the received their yearbooks and found they’d been censored by administrators using hastily stuck on duct tape.

But were they, really? School board members are now demanding answers to why harmless comments like ‘Come getcha some, which merely referenced a reality series on Animal Planet, are among the comments covered with damaging, sticky tape in every yearbook!


One would think if the comments in question were deemed that inappropriate, the school administrators would have the common sense to deal with them prior to printing, rather than duct tape all the yearbooks.

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Photos courtesy of Arizona Daily Independent 


  1. It must be a good thing that they did not use Gorilla Tape®. We all know that “Gorilla” is a disparaging reference to #000000 people.


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