‘Hijab Day’ Celebrated at Minneapolis at City Hall!


Minneapolis City Hall Celebrates ‘Hijab Day’…

Breitbart reports that female Muslim employees at the government building declared February 28 to be “Hijab Day” then systematically convinced nearly every female employee at work, including the city’s police chief, Janeé Harteau, who is well known as a homosexual to wear a traditional headwear to pose for pictures which were later posted to Facebook.

One wonders what Chief Harteau thinks of the intolerance for gays exhibited in such Muslims countries as Somalia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The way gays are often treated in Muslim cultures would be some quite shocking “cross cultural sharing,” one would think.

Rebel Rebellion III%


Source: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/03/12/Minneapolis-City-Hall-Celebrates-Hijab-Day


  1. This country was founded on Judeo, Christian principles. As a American, Christian I am tired of being told that we cannot worship freely that all of our rights are no longer permitted, We cannot display the cross, we can’t have Nativity scene’s, our children cannot call Christmas vacation, Christmas vacation, it has to be called “Winter Break”. they can’t call Easter vacation, Easter vacation, it has to be called “Spring Break”. Our Military Chaplains have been ordered they cannot use the words “Jesus Christ,” they want to take “In God We Trust” out of our currency. People are fired from the work place for wearing a crucifix if they refuse to remove them. We now are hearing that some schools in California will not allow their students to wear shirts with the American Flag on them. My word isn’t enough, enough our forefathers are no doubt turning in their graves, at all this compliance that we as modern day Americans are caving into, all in the name of “political correctness”. For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed of some of my fellow countrymen who have been so easily dumbed down, especially those in Washington who could put a stop to so much that is taking place in our nation. For whatever unimaginable reason they have chosen to allow this usurper to continue to tear down what once was the freest country this world has ever known. Just because Obama has opened the boarders to the illegal foreigner’s, and just because he’s a Muslim, and hates this country, and her Christian principles, does not mean as a Christian I will continue to be silenced any longer. There comes a time when you have to take a stand, and the time has come. I find myself lately thinking about the Jewish people in Germany, and I ask myself, I wonder if this is in fact the way they felt before Hitler destroyed them? Nothing seems to make common sense, it’s like America is upside down, and inside out. I guess for most part what Michelle Obama said was correct: “Obama gets what, Obama wants!” Come on America, I know Michelle said, “We can no longer use the term ‘Bullies’,” but isn’t that in fact what these people in The White House are “BULLIES” sense when have Americans allowed them selves to be Bullied? If you are illegal and you are here in my country, and you think I will step aside while you trample on my God given rights and freedoms You, and Obama have another thing coming. Get out of my country and stay out until you respect my rights, and Obama get out of The Peoples House, and our country!

  2. In my comment earlier I made a quotation error :” We can no longer use the term Bullies” the correct word was” bossy”, but there’s no difference really in their definitions.


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