Hillary Campaign CAUGHT Breaking Election Law… Using Disturbing Image Of Trump To Register Voters [Video]


Another in the series of videos exposing Hillary Clinton’s shady campaign practices…


Hidden camera footage captured by Project Veritas shows a campaign “fellow”, identified as Henry Engelstein, attracting Spanish-speaking Nevadans in Las Vegas with a picture of Donald Trump that reads, “THIS IS MY RESTING B**CH FACE”.


On the video you can hear Engelstein say, “Un payaso muy grande, si!”  Translated, that means, “Yes!  A giant clown!” He also tells people he wants to register Latinos whose anger towards the outspoken opponent of illegal immigration would be enough to compel them to sign up to vote. (HT TPNN)

Of course, Hillary will claim she knows nothing about the illicit actions of the people who represent her, after all, plausible deniability has worked well for her in the past. Benghazi and her email server come to mind. 


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