Hillary Clinton Booed By Hundreds In San Antonio-Media Ignores It (Video)


Watch 100’s of Latinos boo Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton in San Antonio Texas.


Fire Andrea Mitchell

The media was so proud to promote the Hillary Clinton rally in San Antonio with Julian Castro. Hillary Clinton will likely pick Julian Castro to get the Latino vote in 2016. What the media didn’t show you is how hundreds of Latinos booed Hillary Clinton in San Antonio. And before any leftists try and claim that San Antonio is some sort of conservative place, look at the voting history of San Antonio. They are about as liberal as San Francisco down there. Below is the video of Latinos booing Hillary Clinton in San Antonio:

Photo:  Bing


  1. Not enough liberals with brains to actually see through her lies to make a difference . She will get the WH with the illegal vote in serval states who have given them licenses and auto registration as a voter

  2. *News flash* Hillary Clinton isn’t a leftist, she is a moderate more to the right than Reagan. The progressives “leftist” support Bernie Sanders, Hillary is buying her Endorsements and nobody likes her but uninformed voters.

    There has been a media black out of Bernie you are going to be in for quite the shock when you see how many people will go to the primaries to support him.

    Hillary is a bought and paid for establishment candidate.


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