Hillary Clinton Calls For ‘NATIONWIDE GUN CONFISCATION’ [Video]


Hillary Clinton held a town hall meeting with supporters at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire this morning where she admits she would like to explore ‘NATIONWIDE GUN CONFISCATION,’ adding that Australian-Style gun control is ‘Worth Considering’ for U.S.





  1. and the majority of the U.S. would like to see Hitlery incarcerated…..guess we are at a stalemate…..if she wants my gun I suggest she personally come to my door and ask politely….of course my reply will inevitably leave a disgusting mess on my front porch, but it will be worth it….in a word OHHELLNO!!!

  2. She is considering mandatory gun buyback program on a federal level. Then she says like Australia change the rules for buying guns and making it harder to get guns. Tell me how many criminals are going to turn their guns in? Then we will get cash for our guns, where is that cash coming from? My guess would be tax dollars that would mean we would be buying back our guns with our own money. If this make good sense to anyone please let me know and explain why. If you think it is a stupid idea let me know so I don’t think I am the only sane person left.

    • You are not alone. I have to stand with the Constitution. I don’t understand why she is still free to walk around instead of arrested for her criminal acts of breaking the law like she has done. There is a DOUBLE STANDARD in play. No one is to be above the law.

  3. Politicians are rarely held accountable and it is time for change. Lock up Hilary and leave the 2nd alone. Look at all the problems created by alcohol , dui’s, fights accidents and tons more, but no political outcry….stop pushing your beliefs on me, you don’t like guns? Then don’t buy them, but leave those of us that do, alone!!

  4. When she gives up her secret service protection (who have guns, believe it or not), I will consider giving up my guns. On second thought, screw her (of course, that is a rhetorical statement).

  5. I am by every sense of the words “Pro Gun” but, nowhere in that clip did she state that she supported confiscating guns. The exaggeration and sensationalizing of what was said is why so many have a problem with the NRA. Just stick with the facts and leave the twisting of words to others. I am a long time supporter of the NRA and come from a gun family. Let the gun owners fight the fight without firing up the opposition by twisting their words.
    Grow up

    • Patrick You are wrong go back and listen again. She said several times ” I think the Australian way is worth looking at. I would consider looking into that.” In Australia they had mandatory confiscation of guns, if she didn’t support it why would she even consider it? By the way the people of Australia regret doing that. They have had a big rise in home invasions and other crime and they can’t fight back. Any type of gun control means the criminal have the advantage as it does no affect them. My idea of gun control is a steady hand and good aim.

  6. I’m with Patrick on this one. I “liked”the bottom of your post Barbara. That being said……you are the one who needs to go back and listen.

    Absolutely nowhere in that 2 min. and 24 sec. clip did Clinton state that she supported gun banns or gun confiscation.

    Clinton said that she believed that the “Australian way” (which was a buyback program, not a gun confiscation law) was worth looking at on a national level.
    Like “Cash for Clunkers” so they get what they can off the streets.

    No one said that, if they pass a gun buy back program, that you HAVE TO SELL YOUR GUNS BACK).
    She said it would help to curtail some of the “supply” issues and then move forward with more restrictive gun acquisition regulations.
    She also said that she wasn’t sure about it because she didn’t have all the details about how it would work.

    People who would benefit from a buyback are people who have a lack of, or loss of interest in gun recreation – shooting competitions, hunting, collecting, etc., or who may need money, or what have you.

    I do think that a buyback would be a challenge and taxes would be a likely source, but, if we don’t know, then we shouldn’t guess.

    I will not sell my guns back.
    I am, however, in favor of a gun buyback program, because those who don’t want them, don’t need them. A buyback program would give them money, while getting the guns out of circulation (which is a whole other issue altogether).

    If you are not in favor of a gun buyback program, then don’t sell your guns back.
    That’s pretty much all that needs to be said about it.

    So….LETS ALL DO A LITTLE RESEARCH BEFORE WE START YELLING about something we don’t know.
    Have a good day. Later!

    • Dave First off I was not yelling. Check out what they did in Australia They started with a buy back and went to mandatory from there. You say they can still buy guns there, yes but it is very difficult with all the restrictions. I don’t understand your reasoning. You say a buy back program would be for people who no longer want their guns or have lost interest in gun recreation etc. Well they can sell their guns now on their own if they have lost interest. So why do we need a gun buyback program? The criminal element aren’t going to sell their guns even if it becomes mandatory. So this program would accomplish nothing. You say it is just like the car buyback program. Do you know what that did? It got rid of a lot of old cars, but those were replaced with new cars with tracking ability. If anyone does try this watch out as it is only one step at a time until our rights are eroded away. Like Ben Franklin said ” They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety”.


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