Hillary Clinton Campaign Repeatedly Denies Access To DailyMail.com Reporters [Video]


The Daily Mail’s U.S. Political Editor David Martosko told Megyn Kelly that he was banned from covering Hillary Clinton’s campaign events in New Hampshire this morning.


The Clinton campaign denied access to the designated print pool reporter in New Hampshire this morning. David Martosko of DailyMail.com was told by Hillary for New Hampshire staffer Meredith Thatcher that he was not approved for Monday’s pooled events.

When Martosko asked Thatcher to phone her boss, Harrell Kirstein, he was again told that he had not been approved by the campaign.

Martosko pressed further and asked Thatcher if he was being prohibited from getting on either of the pool vans, to which she replied; ‘I’m afraid that’s right.’ When he asked why, she responded; ‘All I know is what Harrell has told me. I got an email saying the print pooler would be changed for today. Sorry.

Other news agencies are standing by the Daily Mail in protest of Clinton’s actions. 

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