Hillary Clinton: ‘Donald Trump Is ISIS’s BIGGEST Recruiter’ (Video)


Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump has become ISIS’s biggest recruiter and that ISIS is using Trump videos as propaganda.


“He is becoming ISIS’ biggest recruiter,” Clinton said at Saturday evening’s Democratic debate in New Hampshire. “They are showing videos of Donald Trump” as propaganda.

Clinton said that America’s ‘main’ priority should be  “making sure that Muslim-Americans don’t feel left out and marginalized right at the moment when we need their help.”

No Ms. Clinton, that most certainly is not what Americas main priority should be, our priority is closing our borders to ensure national security like Donald Trump said.

Our priority is making sure that you do not become president, and that you are prosecuted for your role in four Americans dying in Benghazi. 

“We have to reach out to Muslims and say, ‘You are not our adversary. You are our partner.’”

“Mr. Trump has a great capacity to use bluster and bigotry to inflame people” Clinton said.

HT Breitbart 



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