Hillary Clinton ‘Failed Leadership’: ‘I Did Not Receive Or Send Classified Emails,’ I Did Nothing Wrong’ [Video]


Hillary Clinton continues to say that she did not send or receive emails that included material that was “marked” classified, and that she did nothing wrong.  The State Department has proven otherwise. 


On July 24, Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough and State Department Inspector General Steve Linick issued a joint statement that they had in fact found at least 4 emails containing classified information, and that was just in the limited sampling of 40—of the 30,000 that Clinton turned over to the State Department. 

CNS News  reported:

“The IC IG found four emails containing classified IC-derived information in a limited sample of 40 emails of the 30,000 emails provided by former Secretary Clinton,” said the statement by the two IGs. “The four emails, which have not been released through the State FOIA process, did not contain classified markings and/or dissemination controls.

“These emails were not retroactively classified by the State Department,” the IGs said, “rather these emails contained classified information when they were generated and, according to IC classification officials, that information remains classified today. This classified information should never have been transmitted via an unclassified personal system.”

In an August 11 memorandum to 17 members of Congress, including Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley and the ranking members of the House and Senate intelligence committees, IG McCullough updated and modified his statement about the emails. In this memorandum McCullough indicated that two of the emails included information classified as Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented information. Two others, according to the IG, included information that “contained classified State Department information when generated.”

After receiving this memo, and copies of the four emails in question, Senate Judiciary Chairman Grassley issued a statement that said: “The congressional notification provided by the Intelligence Community Inspector General said more specifically that two of the four emails that the office had previously described as ‘above Secret’ were, in fact, classified at the Top Secret/SCI level.”

The key paragraphs of IG McCullough’s memo said:

  1. U) “In response to the above referenced congressional notification, my office received multiple Congressional requests for copies of Former Secretary Clinton’s emails containing classified Intelligence Community (IC) information. These emails, attached hereto, have been properly marked by IC classification officials, and include information classified up to ‘TOP SECRET//SI/TK/NOFORN.’

    (U) IC classification officials reviewed two additional emails and judged that they contained classified State Department information when originated. These officials referred the emails to State Department classification officials on 7 August 2015 for final determination on current classification. We will provide these documents once they have been properly marked by State Department.

    (U) This represents the most accurate accounting of the emails identified to day, as summarized in TAB 1. We will provide updates as we learn more.

The powerful video ‘Failed Leadership’ was created by conservative group America Rising PAC and highlights the extent of Hillary Clinton’s lies and deceit over her server and emails.

Failed Leadership by America Rising PAC




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