Hillary Clinton Just Declared ‘People’s President’ In SICK Video Going VIRAL!!


Last night Hilary Clinton spoke at a gala in Washington D.C., one week after losing the election to President-elect Donald Trump.  Clinton admitted she considered cancelling her speech saying she, “wanted to curl up with a book or our dogs and never leave the house again.”

Clinton entered and left the event through a private entrance, and did not stick around to talk to her traveling press corps.

Liberal activist Marian Wright Edelman, is the founder and president of the Children’s Defense Fund, where Clinton gave her first public speech after her failed presidential run.

Edelman’s organization received $1.73 million dollars from George Soros from 2011 to 2015.  She introduced the failed, weary looking Hillary Clinton, and described Hillary as the “People’s President,” despite the obvious fact that she lost the election to Donald Trump.  She cheered “She’s Our President! She’s Our President!”

Photo:  Bing


  1. The “People’s President”… Well, she is dressed for it. In that Pant Suit fashioned by Mao in The “People’s Republic of China”!


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