Hillary Clinton Still Blaming ‘Misogyny’ For Losing The Election (Video)


Poor Hillary Clinton… she just can’t accept that she lost the election to Donald Trump. Once again, she blamed her widespread unpopularity on misogyny, telling a summit this week that it “certainly played a role” in her election defeat to Donald Trump last November.

Clinton says she has spent a lot of time wrestling with the fact that 53% of white women voted for President Donald Trump and that misogyny certainly ‘played a role’ in her 2016 election loss.

Speaking in her first interview since the loss at the Women of the World summit in New York on Thursday, Clinton says research shows success, ambition and likability are not correlated for women, as it is for men, The Guardian reported.

She then went on to claim that people felt uncomfortable with her being a successful woman, claiming that there is an “inverse relationship” between success and popularity that only applies to women.

Clinton’s comments were in response to a question on why she lost the election, to which she said she believed that there was no single reason.

“[Like] in any campaign, there are so many different crosscurrents and events, and some have a greater impact than others,” she said.

It is not the first time that Clinton has blamed her unpopularity on supposed sexism. During the Democratic Party primaries in April last year, the Clinton reportedly justified her low favorability ratings as a result of sexism within the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, last September Barack Obama blamed Clinton’s low poll numbers on the notion that “society [is still] grappling with what it means to see powerful women.”

Misogyny is one of many excuses the Clinton camp has given for Hillary’s second failed presidential campaign, The Daily Caller reported.

Former President Bill Clinton blamed FBI director James Comey for his wife’s electoral loss, before later saying “angry white men” are the reason for Trump’s victory.

Hillary’s former campaign aides, meanwhile, blamed “white supremacy” for Clinton’s loss.

Noticeably absent among the Clinton camp’s litany of excuses for her loss, however, is any real blame for the unpopular candidate.


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