Hillary Clinton Supporters Are In Full Support Of Sharia Law (Video)


Hillary Clinton supporters in California mindlessly agree with anything and everything Hillary supposedly says. In an experiment, media analyst Mark Dice tells Hillary fans that one of her primary campaign promises is to implement Sharia Law in America.


Mark Dice’s shocking Man on the Street Monday series continues.

HT The Right Scoop

Video by Mark Dice


  1. and there are those who thought Josef Mengele was evil. He was definitely on track to ridding stupidity. No I did not inference ignorance, i said stupidity.

  2. The fact these dumb @#$%s can vote makes me very, very sad. Oh Robert Heinlein, why didn’t we heed you when we had the chance?!

  3. Women agreeing with Sharia Law is laughable, these women need to have a look at Sharia Law as women have no rights under Sharia. Face palm yourself America.

    • Unfortunately they are so misled, they have no idea what it is. They just hear Hillary supports it and the sheeple come out of the wood work. It really makes me afraid for our future generations.

  4. The first time they are attacked for not wearing their burka,I think they may have a change of heart, it will be too late. The women will just be a toy that the Muslim’s can play with, and you won’t be able to tell them no.

  5. The problem is a bullshit headline. It’s totally fine to do street interviews with clueless people to laugh at how stupid they are.

    Inaccurate headline:
    Hillary Clinton Supporters Are In Full Support Of Sharia Law

    Accurate headline:
    These clueless idiots in cherry-picked interviews clearly don’t know what sharia law is, but endorse it because they are told their candidate does.

  6. Well, when they’re being held down by a bunch of laughing Muslims with a razor to their clit while their daughters are crying and chained naked to an auction block while a bunch of those genetically inferior pieces of subhuman shit are bidding on them, maybe they’ll think differently.

  7. Razor to the clit? How about strapping these witches down to the table on a Bridgeport mill and machining their vaginas to accept locking plugs?

  8. This proves beyond any doubt conceivable that “women’s rights” were never about the rights of women. It is all about THE PLATFORM OF OPPOSITION TO THE FOUNDING CONCEPTS OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC. You know, those values that drew in all immigrants pre-1965 and some after that year.

  9. Lauren Richardson please before you start typing on your computer show the people where you get your info on your headlines. Mark Dice can show a multitude of ignorant or uninformed people talking on any asinine topic and get the feedback you all are looking for. So spare us and keep to the facts because we are all not as ignorant or missinformed. Please tell us where you found that Clinton is specifically saying that these so called communities in the US would use Sharia law. Nowhere in her speech to the meeting on Wed. Dec 14 2011 regarding UNHRC Resolution 1618 did she say anything about Sharia law and if in fact you were talking about. So please enlighten us and please start acting intelligently as you would have us believe that you are. Otherwise get a job at Mcdonalds where you truly belong.


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