Hillary Clinton Supporters Endorse “White Privilege Tax” on All WHITE PEOPLE’S Income! TAX WHITEY (Video)


Hillary Clinton supporters are told that she plans on implementing a new “White Privilege Tax” on the income of all Caucasian Americans to help offset income inequality in our country since white people statistically earn more money than black people.


What did they think of her “new plan” for the 2016 Presidential Election? You gotta see it to believe it. Shot in San Diego, California.

Video Mark Dice


  1. The Equal Protection Clause of Everyone’s Most Favorite Constitutional Amendment does not apply to federal agencies? The Slaughterhouse Cases have been reduced to Kurt Vonnegut fiction, eh? There will be a lot of body bags followed by jury nullification, eh?

    Remember, No Attorney, No talk.

  2. *** ‪#‎Barack‬ HUSSEIN Obama, & ‪#‎Hillary‬ Clinton, … “You have invited America to join you at you Thanksgiving Dinner Table”….. You offer eight freshly baked Crescent Rolls, “ONLY three of them have just a little bit of rat poison cooked in the rolls”. Only 1/3 third of the freshly churned Butter is laced with Lye,. Your Cornbread Dressing has only a ‘Smidgen of Ebola’,, stirred in the Dish. The Green Bean Casserole has only a thimble full of Fine Glass shards strewn on the top. The Beautiful well cooked Turkey is Basted thoroughly with Endless Socialist-Marxist, Satanic~Muslim LIES and DECEIT. The one gallon of Turkey Gravy is Dripping with the Blood of those Christians that were Be-Headed by your Muslim cohorts of the Middle East….. Thank You for the INVITE, but I Must CANCEL my attendance to your IMPLIED PEACEFUL~ Muslimization ~and~ DEVASTATION of My America.


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