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Hillary Clinton Tried To Change Rules To Use Blackberry In Secure Facilities (Video)

Hillary Clinton Tried To Change Rules To Use Blackberry In Secure Facilities (Video)

State Department documents obtained by Judicial Watch show that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s team tried to change the rules for where Clinton could use her Blackberry.


Fox News reported that Chief Intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported “On the Record” that early into Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, her team wanted her to have the ability to take her Blackberry anywhere on the executive floor, including into a secured facility for classified information known as a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility).

“If you talk to anyone who is  in the intelligence community… and they almost have a heart attack when you say you want to use an electronic device in a SCIF, because it completely defeats the purpose.”

Herridge said that any electronic device like a Blackberry could be a potential bug or eavesdropping device, and said that the Clinton team was warned about that.

She said reporting uncovered that there was never a waiver that was granted to Clinton to use her Blackberry on the executive floor, but they did confirm that a special office was set up outside her executive suite to check her personal email on her Blackberry.

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“And of course, the irony of that is that the Blackberry was the only device she was using for government business, it was not a secured device, and it was not certified as OK to use for government business.”

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