Hillary Clinton Wants Americans To Show Respect For Our Enemies, Especially ISIS [Video]


Hillary Clinton wants us to show “respect”, “understanding” and “empathy” for our enemies like ISIS, the people who want to kill us, and who behead babies, cut children in half, crucify teenagers, rape and enslave women, and torture everyone they come in contact with. Not to mention the thousands of Christians whose blood has soaked the desert as ISIS marches across the Middle East. 

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gestures with Libyan soldiers upon her departure from Tripoli in Libya

Former Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, a Fox News host, said in December 2014 that the comments are “irrational.”

“I can’t think of a presidential candidate who would have said those kinds of things,” he said. “Think about December 7, 1941 and then FDR going to the Congress of the United States the next day saying, ‘We need to have more empathy for Japan.’”

North added: “If you’re going to run for president of the United States, you cannot talk that way about the people who intend to kill us, who are dying to kill us. This is capitulation.”

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  1. And this stupid Fing [email protected] wants to be our president…

    This is exactly why we have so many problems because stupid Fing [email protected] and D1cks like her and Obozoi think a hug will fix this…

    these people want to kill us, behead babies, cut children in half, crucify teenagers, rape and enslave women, and torture everyone they come in contact with.

    and you want to vote her into a position of power and put you and everyone else in this country at greater risk

  2. Well, any woman who deprives her man of a good blowjob – then stays with him when he is publicly exposed for getting one from another woman while in office – can’t be trusted.

    • she has to stay with him so she can become president it has become a obsession,to the point of the trust that was broken between man and wife it must of hurt her deeply,the old saying as we all know”beware of a womans scorn,in base terms a blow job is only a blow job,but for hilary its about the presidency.
      why not give her a go, the last 4 or more male presidents havent made the least bit of difference to the eastern hoards,apart from your first black president,who inherited all the crap your white all about the all mighty dollar presidents and their merry men.

      • I would be very happy to see the last two POTUS share a cell for crimes against the Constitution.
        That said how about we try the black man one more time.
        Dr. Benjamin Carson, Sr. in 2016
        If the chose is Hillary or Jeb we are screwed and I think i’m going to puke.

  3. I don’t want to empathize with ISIS, who commits heinous atrocities against women and children. I would rather spit in their face and call them baby killers.

  4. When one considers this article, “Obama ordered CIA to train ISIS jihadists: Declassified documents,” Examiner, May 26, 2015, Hillary’s comment comes as no surprise!

  5. So she’s an empathizer, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this a crime and punishable by removal from office and prison???????

    • your use of the spelling is just like my 1st true loves names from Cranston rhode island could this possibly be her

  6. The caption for the photo above should read” You want to bomb our country and take it over? Ok, BUT FIRST, let me take a selfie”—Hillary

    One of many reasons she will NEVER get my vote.

  7. i feel our country will soon be run by our enemies with a big statue of the president(future/current) kissing his ass

  8. Only thing this Greedy Whore deserves, along with the Kenyan Muslim Queer, is Gitmo, Waterboarding, and Execution! Death to Tyrants!

  9. Hillary is a freaking crack pot. She needs to be hung from a tree for her actions let alone saying have more respect for these vermin. I say we send her there to live with them and see how much respect she has after they rape and destroy her.


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